Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Our Days Out In Cornwall

Whilst on holiday at Coombe Mill during half term holiday we aimed to get out and about each day and add a bit of variety to each day.

We made our way over to Newquay on Sunday and met up with our friends as they were staying in their caravan in Newquay for the week, well we met up in a cliff top pub and spent a few hours there chatting whilst the kids played nicely.

Monday we made our way over to Padstow, we like Padstow it's a lovely quite little fishing village, well i say quite obviously everyone has decided to visit Padstow on Monday as it was totally heaving.

We had a lovely walk round the shops and brought the kids a Padstow lifeguards jumper each. We brought some chips for lunch and mummy tried her first ever 'miners pastie' she's still not too sure if she liked it or not a week later lol. We made our way back to the farm ready for the evening train ride.

Tuesday found us going to the Eden Project. The journey itself was very interesting shall we say with all the low lying fog on the moors it made driving difficult but we got there safe and sound.

We love the Eden Project it's full of so much to do and see. The boys love it especially going round the rainforest bio and pointing out all the plants and various things like the huts you would find in the rainforest and telling us how different they are to our house.

This visit they also got to participate in some witches and wizardry activities based around the children's book Room on the Broom (read more about it here).

On Wednesday we made our way over to Mevagissey, somewhere we hadn't visited before but where my wife wanted to visit this holiday.

We parked up and walked down into the town and went into the RNLI charity shop, where the phase "it's a small world" certainly came to pass as the customer talking to the sales assistant lives about 5 minutes from us and about two roads round the corner from my wifes grandparents house.

We had a wonder round the the shops and had some lunch in a little fish and chip restaurant then went to the Mevagissey museum where the boys did a little treasure hunt finding teddy bears and pirates.

We then went to the Mevagissey aquarium, where the kids were in awe of all the different fish and sea creatures on view. They pointed at them and tried to call them to the front of the tanks for better views which was pretty cute to be honest.

Thursday was our last day out as Friday was full of Halloween fun on the farm. So we made our way over to Newquay to have a proper look round. Well we parked up and made our way into the town centre. we had a wonder round and looked in various shops, brought the boys school teachers some fudge and grandparents some Cornish biscuits and even met Olaf from frozen, then we made our way to the beach.

The kids loved going on the beach, come to think of it we all did to be honest. The whether was nice, it was clear blue skies with a slight sea breeze. We walked all along the beach, we explored rock pools, wrote our names in the sand and even explored some fabulous caves.

Some of the caves were very deep with dark parts which u couldn't see without a torch or a flash on the camera and the others were very big and high but not very deep.

In one particular cave JR gave me a heart attack (as u can see below), he wasn't scared one bit he just climbed up the rock face and slid straight back down it lol.

Well that was our week in a nutshell, well all apart from Friday which was full of Halloween fun on the farm which I'll leave for another post, another day as we did so much.(read all about it here)

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  1. Aww super pics. Looks like you had a great time. Cornwall is lovely. x

  2. Looks ace! I love exploring the caves and rock pools :)

  3. You packed in so much fun for your week here and it was a delight watching the children develop day by day. I smiled again watching the cave climbing video and I've drunk coffee in that same pub in Newquay after a girls night out in an attempt to sober up! I'm loving the new look on the blog here too. thank you for sharing another great few days from your half term with us here on Country Kids. I still have some half term fun to share myself with you and the kids in it so keep tuning in each week!

    1. Glad we had so many happy memories to share tbh, we always seem to do so much when we holiday with u guys tbh. Glad u enjoyed watching the video again.

  4. What a busy week! Lots of family fun, whatever the weather, love it. The Eden Project is definitely on our list for next year, keep saying we'll go but not made it yet. I'm glad to see that younger children can enjoy it too. #countrykids

    1. was indeed a busy week with lots of family fun involved, the Eden project is fantastic to be honest for all ages, you'll love it if you and or when you visit.