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My Crazy Kids

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Book of Bedtime Stories

As my boys love having a bedtime story and I equally enjoy reading bedtime stories I thought it would be a lovely ideas to follow up on a book review opportunity I came across on twitter last week via mumsnet.

I must admit that I don't get as much time as I would like to have with the boys at bedtime due to the hours I work, but when I am at home in the evenings I do like to settle the boys in bed and read them a bedtime story.

This review opportunity centres around 'The Book of Bedtime Stories' ten prize winning stories from Mumsnet and Gransnet chosen by Michael Rosen and published by walker books.

This book is the wonderful book full of fantastic stories brought together through a children's story competition run by Mumsnet and Gransnet, where over four hundred entrant's put forward their stories to win the chance to have their story published in this bedtime story book.

The book contains ten different stories chosen by former children's Laureate Michael Rosen from a shortlist of twenty finalists, once the final ten stories where chosen ten different young, new artists were commissioned to illustrate the winning stories to produce this wonderful bedtime story book.

This books is priced at £14.99, at first I thought it was expensive for a story book, but I then compared it to other story books of various styles and age brackets and I came to the conclusion that it was actually a very reasonable price for the story quality and quantity.

When the book first arrived through our post box I couldn't wait for it to be bedtime. When I normally think like that's its because my children are having one of their mad days and I just want them in bed asleep. But that day was different, I couldn't wait to tuck the boys up in bed and read them their new story book.

We have been reading this book all week now, the boys love the different stories and the fabulous pictures that they can see whilst daddy reads the story, so much so that they even start making their own stories up using the pictures once I have finished reading them the story.

We we're sent this book for review purpose only and this post is all my views on the book.

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