Thursday, 31 July 2014

Chessington World of Adventure

On Tuesday we had a very early start as we went to Chessington World of Adventure, this was our very first visit to this attraction.

We had the tickets come through ages ago courtesy of sun perks, so we had been looking forward to this visit for quite a while to be honest all we had to do was pay for the boys on the day.

We had saved some vouchers from cereal boxes so we got the boys in for half price which made the visit even cheaper for us to be honest.

Once we got through the entrance gates we stood beside some other families in front of a very large park map and discussed where our day was going to begin by which ride we were going to aim to go on first.

The first thing the kids actually did was meet and have their picture taken with some characters from Madagascar which they all really enjoyed.

We decided to actually kinda ignore the parks map and just wander freely round the park and jump on the rides for the kids with the shortest queues.

We took them on:- 





The only ride throughout the whole day which we queued for was Rameses Revenge, well I say we what I actually mean is the kids and I stood about waiting for mummy to eventually get on this ride which seemed like forever then she was off it as quick as anything.

We were quite lucky with all the rides to be honest, apart from when L-A was asleep and we took it in turns to go on the rides with the boys we were all able to go on the rides together as a whole family.

Whilst L-A was asleep and mummy was on Rattle Snake I took the kids to look round the Sea Life Centre.

This was really cool to be honest, the boys got to see some fantastic fish, marine life and various sea creatures.



I must say that I particularly enjoyed seeing the jellyfish and even more so the sting rays as it brought back some fab honeymoon memories of our time at SeaWorld in Florida.


Outside of the Sea Life Centre the boys got to meet and have their pictures taken with Captain Barnacles and Kwazii from the Octonauts which the boys love watching so this was a great little treat for them both.

I enjoyed having a fab family day out and taking the kids on lots of different rides but I must say that the Hocus Pocus Hall was probably the most funniest and wackiest ride we went on.



As well as the rides we took JR on the Zufari attraction, he really enjoyed this as he got to go out on a safari jeep and get up close and personal with some animals that he doesn't normally see apart from in his school books like zebras and rhinos.

All in all the day was a very long one but equally it was a very fun filled on too.

L Is For ...... Lego

I'm linking this post up with the lovely Charley Dove and her fabulous Alphabet Project.

As a kid I loved playing with Lego, we'd go the the shop and buy a small box of Lego every now and then like a police car, a speed boat or a helicopter something small and easy to make.

One Christmas I remember my parents buying me a Robin Hood Lego set which really made my Christmas, I played with it constantly over the Christmas period.

I did follow the instructions at first as you do but I later just made things my own way which was far more fun to be honest.

Anyhows before I get lost in my memory bank, 
on a trip to London last year I took the boys to Hamleys and showed them their awesome Lego figures and models and I was able to share my love for Lego with them.

Well that's my L Is For ....

Stay tuned for my M Is For ....

Monday, 28 July 2014

Penwizard Personalized Story Book

My children like most children love story books and love having stories read to them.

So when I was approached with the chance to review a personalized story book how could I possibly say no.

As it's my daughter's birthday soon I decided that I'd apply for a book personalised to her.

The personalizing of the book was very easy to be honest, you log on to the Penwizard website, chose the story you want personalizing and click create to start creating it.

On this occasion I chose the Ben and Holly birthday story book.

You put the name of the person who the book is being personalized for along with their birthday, sex (elf for a boy and a fairy for a girl) and even details like hair colour, eye colour and skin colour so the character in the book fully resembles them.

There is even a little section where you can add a person message to the recipient of the book, I chose a little birthday message as it was for her birthday after all lol.

Once you are happy with all the choices you have made for the story in the book you just register your details (where you want it sent and how you are going to pay for it etc) then precede in ordering your book.

At time of this review the personalised Ben and Holly story book was priced at £14.99 and this compares exactly the same as some of the other personalised story books that I checked out online. 

 I feel that although this price tag is a bit expensive for a book, at the end of the day this book can be read over and over again and as your child, grand child or whomever this book is for grows up then they can enjoy their very own special story over and over again at any story time day or night. 

 My daughter is beginning to recognize her own name fully now so when I read her name out time and time again her little face beamed with excitement every time. 

 As she gets older now doubt she will point herself out before I even get to read her name out which is why this book is so brilliant to read to them. 

 I was sent this book free of charge and all views and opinions of this book and totally 100% mine.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

K Is For ..... Klass, Myleene Klass

I'm linking this post up with the lovely Charley Dove and her fabulous Alphabet Project.

Just over a year ago along with my daughter, youngest son and wife I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Myleene Klass at a mummy bloggers meet and greet.

Whist at the event the mum's were able to have a short question and answer session with Myleene, this is where my wife was cheeky and asked Myleene if she would blow soon bubbles in remembrance of Matilda-Mae.
(Read the full post here)


Well that's my K Is For ....
Stay tuned for my L Is For ....

Friday, 18 July 2014

J Is For ..... Jumping

I'm linking this post up with the lovely Charly Dove
and her fabulous Alphabet Project.

J Is For ..... Jumping

With the weather as hot as its been lately all we've done each day is open the back door and say "go play kids, go"

As well as the play house and the paddling pool the kids are lucky enough to have a trampoline and this is where my 
 J Is For ..... Jumping comes from this week.

L-A loves being able to jump up onto the trampoline herself and bounce around on it, well I say bounce she normally just runs round in circles then jups off but hey ho she's enjoys it lol.

Well that was my J Is For ........
Stay tuned for my K Is For ..........

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I Is For ..... Isolation Room

I am linking this post up with the lovely Charly Dove
 and her wonderful Alphabet Project.

My I Is For ...…... Isolation Room

A year ago May my daughter went for a routine doctor's appointment for a reaction to her milk.

This appointment lead to her being sent straight to hospital where she ended up spending the next
 nine of her eleven days stay in hospital in a isolation room whilst they did various test on her for various conditions.

Through out it all she remained so happy and smiley and never got downbeat about being in hospital.

Eventually on the eleventh day they agreed that she could go home as thankfully she was well and healthy
enough to leave hospital.

Well that's my I Is For .......

Stay tuned for my J Is For......

Sunday, 6 July 2014

H Is For ..... Heathens, Cradley Heathens

I am linking this post up with the lovely Charly Dove
 and her wonderful Alphabet Project.

My H Is For ...…... Heathens, Cradley Heathens 

Some of you may be aware of the Cradley Heathens others will be like who or what are you on about? 
 Well my father in law and wife were brought up on firstly supporting your local football team then your local speedway team which in their case is The Cradley Heathens.

   So whilst at a summer fun day on Saturday, I couldn't resist getting a picture or two of the kids on a Heathens speedway bike and make grandad and mummy proud to carry on the family support of the Heathens. 

 Well what's my H Is For .......

 Stay tuned for I Is For ......