My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday 15 December 2017

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Trip

On Tuesday 12th December my youngest son, fiancΓ©e and I visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Watford.

We'd had this tour booked since the summer and it felt like an eternity before our visit came round.

As I was on my annual vacation I decided to make our visit stretch over a few days so we went down on the Monday and stayed in a local hotel. 

We almost thought we wasn't going to be going on this trip at all as the weekend before we had a terrible down pour of snow and to make matters worse so did Watford and the surrounding area, but thankfully we were still able to go.

As I said due to the terrible downpour of snow we decided to wait till about lunch time before we set off giving the roads and more importantly the motorways time to clear of morning traffic, thankfully this worked although it was slow going with snow and ice and stranded cars along the way we arrived at our hotel safely.

Once we had checked in to our hotel we freshened ourselves up and went out for tea, we had a lovely meal and Frankie and Benny's then called it a night as we were shattered.

The day we'd waited like an eternity for had finally arrived, our time to take our tour of the Warner Bros. Studio.

We parked up with excitement in our eyes as we looked at the building with the huge Warner Bros. Studio sign above the entrance way and thought, finally we're here and we can't wait to take our tour.

Once we'd collected our tickets and made our way through security we queued up with all the others in our time slot allocation period and eagerly awaited our tour to begin.

The first two rooms you go in to are mini cinema rooms where you hear about how the book JK Rowling wrote was brought to life on the big screen then you watch a mini segment involving Ron, Hermione and Harry Potter himself, then by magic (I won't spoil how) your next transported in to the great hall and the tour begins.

After the part in the great hall is over you are free to do the rest of the tour at your own pace and decision making, along the way children and adults alike can follow the Harry Potter Passport and get a collector's stamp in the various areas whilst also hunting and trying to find the hidden golden snitches, something which Hayley won't mind me saying she really enjoyed doing as was gutted she only missed finding one πŸ˜”πŸ˜”.

Around the tour there is many many many photo opportunities for you to take as well as professional photo opportunities for you to have done and you to purchase.

Half way through the tour there is a lunch and toilet break opportunity where you can buy different foods and drinks but most importantly you can purchase the famous butterbeer, which obviously we didn't pass up the opportunity of doing so, we both enjoyed.

We continued through the rest of the tour taking in all the different fact and interesting points and secrets about how the books were brought to life and how much work really goes in to all the film's, right back from words on JK Rowling's pages through to what you see on the big screen.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Studio Tour and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Reflection On The Past Few Months

As you may or may not know my children moved away to live with their mum at the end of May on the very same day my fiancee and my children was born.

Yes it was a day of joy as our little prince finally made his appearance in this big wide world but the day was also filled with much sadness as on that day my three children moved away to live their new life up North with their mum and her partner.

Since little mans birth it's been a up and down journey adjusting to life with a new born to look after and also no longer having my children around to see as often as I'd like to.

This week in itself brings anither new chapter in both mine and my fiancee life as both our little princesses start full time school, it only seems like yesterday when they were born now they like thousands of other children across the country are starting their journey in the education path of life.

Although I'll be here for my fiancee when she gets upset that her little princess isn't around every afternoon I will at the same time be very sad by the fact that I won't be able to watch my princess queue up to start her first full day at school, I won't be there to reassure her that it'll be ok and she'll make new friends and she'll have a wonderful time and that saddens me to be honestly.

Saturday 27 May 2017

Moving Away

As alot of you are aware almost two years ago my wife and I seperated and at the time I won't lie it was without a shadow of a doubt the most painful thing I had ever had to deal with in my life, after all I had been with her for half of my life then all of a sudden our relationship was no more.

Fast forward to June 2017 and I now have to deal with something I knew one day would occur but I secretly hoped would never happen, my children are moving away to start a new life with their mum and her partner up North.

They will no longer be just on the doorstep they will be hundreds of miles away but like a good friend of mine said " least their only up North not the other side of the world", I know that their only moving up Leeds direction but even that is three plus hours away from where they live now which is only about three minutes away not three hours away lol.

Alot has changed in the last two years, I am now happily engaged to the most amazing women in the whole world and we are expecting our first child any day now.

 I'm super excited and can't wait to meet our little one and introduce her/him to the world but unfortunately at the same time I have that dark cloud hanging over me bringing me sadness that my children will be moving away next week and may miss their brother or sister's birth.

I know beyond anything and everything I will love all my children the same and always be there for each and everyone of them but still I can't help but feel my heart will be slightly empty with them gone.

Thankfully though me and their mum are on good terms and through that I know I will see them when they have time to visit and equally when I have time to visit them and there is always that thing ... What's it called again πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” oh yes whatspp I can use to keep in contact.


Saturday 15 April 2017

Bob The Builder DVD Review


Are your children like mine do they love watching 

If the answer is yes then this dvd released by Abbey Home Media will be just perfect for them and it's packed with SEVEN fun filled episodes.

My kids couldn't wait to put this dvd on so much so that they even forgot to switch the dvd player on and wondered why the disk wouldn't go in lol.

This dvd is 70 minutes long and contains 7 different episodes :-

Dig This; 
Saffi’s Treehouse; 
Out of the Woods; 
Stormy Weather; 
Bear Mountain; 
Bentley’s Bones 
Home on the Range

This dvd is retailing at £5.99 on Amazon and HMV online at the time of writing this review and to be honest that is I think a very reasonable price for a children's dvd packed full of their favourite episodes.

I was sent this dvd as a review item and all content is my own.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Milkshake! Fabulous Friends DVD Review

Fabulous Friends DVD

Are your children like mine, do they love putting the telly or the dvd player on and watching their favourite shows like Peppa Pig, Bob the Builder, Ben and Holly, FireMan Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine?

If the answer is a big YES then this dvd released by Abbey Home Media will be just perfect for them, it contains over TWO yes TWO hours of all their favourite shows they love watching on Milkshake.

My kids couldn't wait to put this dvd on so much so that they even forgot to switch the dvd player on and wondered why the disk wouldn't go in lol.

This dvd contains 14 different episodes of their favourite shows found on Milkshake including FireMan Sam, Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends, Ben and Holly and many many more.

This dvd is retailing at £8.00 on Amazon and HMV online at the time of writing this review and to be honest that is I think a very reasonable price for a children's dvd packed full of their favourite shows.

I was sent this dvd as a review item and all content is my own.

Friday 5 August 2016

Justice League Figurines

Everyone loves a good comic book Hero vs Villain shown down and with the ever expanding world of the DC Comic Universe we're never left waiting long for our next instalment of Good vs Evil.

Our most recent one was obviously Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and hot off the back of that film will come Justice League in 2017.

Much like Batman v Superman this new instalment in the DC extended universe will bring much hype and excitement to comic fans around the world.

Along with the release of this film and off the back of the release of Batman v Superman we'll once again be treated to many new toys, games and figures associated to Justice League.

I was lucky enough to review a fabulous set of Batman v Superman figurines from Schleich and once again I am able to review their products this time for their release of their Justice League figurines.

This time round I am reviewing the Batman v Bane and Superman v Lex Luther sets.

Both of these sets are to a high quality hand painted finish with extreme likeness to all four characters.

These sets are priced at £14.99 each which I personally believe is a very competitive price and well worth paying for these fabulous sets which can be brought individual or as great additions to anyone's growing figurine collection.

I was sent these products for review purpose only and all content of this post is mine and my words alone.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Trip To Weston-super-Mare

Last week was the school trip day out to Weston-super-Mare.

Hayley and her kids were going as were my kids and I.


I will admit this now, although I was really looking forward to the day out I wasn't overly looking forward to the traveling part of the day as I don't travel well as a passenger and mixing that with a coach full of hyper reception children and their parents isn't my idea of good travelling arrangements.

Anyhow we left the school at around 8.30 and made our way to Weston, stopping off at the service station along way to recharge our batteries or as it's better know....  Grabbing a much needed coffee lol.

We arrived at Weston-super-Mare around 11. 

Once off the coach the children ran straight on to the beach as they wanted to paddle in the sea.

Unfortunately as the sea was already so far out we instead had a lovely walk along the beach, basking in the glorious sunshine.

We then decided to give the children a ride on the donkey's. 

The two girls and TP loved it but Hayley's youngest lad wasn't too keen on them especially when his donkey decided to start running after the others and that scared him a bit but he was ok.

We decided then it was time to take a break from the beach fun we were having and we made our way to one of the sea front fish and chips shops to have a lunch break.

After lunch we went back on the beach for some more fun before making our way to the amusements so the children could spend their pocket money.

After this the children decided they wanted a ice cream, who doesn't want a ice cream when they go to the seaside eh? 

The only difference being the children had spotted McDonald's and decided they wanted a McFlury ice cream lol.

We took our McFlurrys and walked to the fountain and sat down in the lovely mid afternoon sun and enjoyed eating them.

It was almost time to head home but before we did we stopped off at the rock shop to buy the eldest boys a little present as they were stuck back at school.

Well we boarded the coach and began our journey home, everyone seeming to have had a really good day and everyone seeming to be warn out too lol.

Sunday 8 May 2016

Talk and Pose Danger Mouse

If your a child of the early 80s like myself you'll fondly remember growing up watching Danger Mouse and his side kick Penfold on children's tv.

Fast forward to September 2015 and the reboot of Danger Mouse and the show airing back on our tv on the CBBC channel for the children of the children of the 80s lol.

Alongside this rebooted tv series comes new ranges of Danger Mouse toys and figures from Jazwares and my children (well me more so lol) have been lucky enough to be sent to review an:-

With this action figure you can get stuck right into the world of a secret agent and with Danger Mouse having his very own jet pack you can help him escape quickly if he finds himself in too much trouble.

This fully posable action figure says five phrases and sounds from the show which you can activate by pressing his belt buckle.

Has arm raising action which is activated by pressing a button on his back.

A glow-in-the dark eyepatch.

Also he comes with a fully removable jet pack too.

This product is priced at £19.99 and compared to other action figures that are posable and talk I find this price very good and very competitive.

I was sent this product for review purpose only and all views and opinions are solely mine.

You can find Jazwares on:-