Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Lunch With Frankie & Benny

Today we have been lucky enough to have had a lunch date at Frankie & Bennys at Birmingham Airport.

My wife was so very kindly invited to attend a bloggers event at 
Frankie & Bennys, so I naturally booked the day off work and tagged along.
( Who wouldn't for a lunch date Frankie & Bennys? )

The children had no idea where we were going or what we were going to do,
We just packed them into the car and made our way to 
Birmingham Airport.

Once we got to the airport we parked up 
(once we had eventually found a space) 
and made our way to Frankie & Bennys with the children still unaware of why we were at the airport.

To be honest they were a little confused because the only time we ever go to the airport is to pick up my parents or my brother when they come over to visit. 

JR even turned round at one point and asked if Nanna and Grampa had come to visit.

Once we got to Frankie & Bennys we were greeted by a member of the front of house staff and Sketch 
(Frankie & Bennys mascot) 
and shown to our seats.

We were all shown to our seating area and we were introduced to the member of staff who was going to look after us during our visit.

The children were given a fun pack which contained a colouring book and crayons, we were given a menu to look through and time to decide what we wanted to order.

Once we had ordered our food and the children were colouring nicely, Zoom the airports mascot came to see the children. During his visit he did some activities with the children and they got to meet him and join in his fun and games.

I must say I like the idea of having a Frankie & Bennys along side the other pub, shops and restaurants within the airport.

Not only do you have a choice of a full menu to choose from but you can also choose to sit bar side of the restaurant if you wish and just have a drink before you fly.

All in all the children and ourselves had a fantastic afternoon and thank you Frankie & Bennys for putting up with us.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Breakfast Date with Peppa Pig

I know what you're all thinking after reading the title of this post "that's a bit unfair to eat bacon butties in front of Peppa" 

Well you were all wrong so there lol

To clarify, my wife had been kindly invited to attend a meet and greet breakfast event with Peppa Pig.

Just in case any of you were wondering it was pastries and tea/coffee all the way there was no bacon or sausage in sight lol.

As I was saying my wife had be kindly invited to this event, so I booked the day off so I could tag along to help out if needed.

When we got up this morning the children were in their crazy sub breakfast mood just like any other day to be honest but today I refused to do them breakfast as I knew where we were going, this in its self caused lots of moaning, questions and a bit of crying to be honest.

That mood so changed when we got to the breakfast meet and greet.

 The boys couldn't believe their little eyes, a table full of different pastries for us all to try.

Not only were the boys excited by that but they were given a goody bag and they were offered the chance to have their face painted. I say 'face painted' TP had a George Pig tattoo on his leg and JR had a Peppa Pig tattoo on his forearm.


Once all the children had met and had their picture taken with Peppa, they were given a piece of birthday cake each to put in their goody bag as it was time to leave.

Once we were home the children opened their goody bags, they had a magazine, some stickers, a Easter egg, a chocolate lollipop and a set of Peppa Pig musical instruments which they ran off into the garden playing.


All in all the morning was very much fun for us all, the children meet Peppa and got free toys, magazine and chocolate and we got a nice well deserved breakfast for taking them out.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Project Name: Garden Transformation

It started as a idea, an idea my darling wife had one day whilst she was flicking through various peoples pintrest boards.

"I've got it she said" 

"Got what?" I replied half listening,

"A few fab ideas to do the garden up for the kids to play in"

'A few fab ideas I thought', knowing my wife and knowing her ideas of fab ideas (especially as this was our 1st ever garden) I waited nervously to see what she was about to suggest.

She brought her iPad over to me and showed me a few of the garden creation she had seen and she walked me through the virtual concept of what she wanted our garden to look like.

I must be totally honest at this point, normally my wife's ideas are either totally crazy or just have way to much effort attached to them to even begin to be pull off, but on this occasion her idea was a very good, very easy(ish) idea that would make our garden not only look nice but it would also create extra play space for the kids.

We set about planning what we were going to really do to the garden and how we wanted the final concept to look. 

So for the last few weeks on my days off and late starts I/we have been turning the overrun, unloved garden into a fresh play area for the kids and their friends to play in.

Its not been easy, I've had to dig up stubborn tree roots, fight with crazy ivy
growing everywhere, dig up dead grass, plants and even buried bricks and rubble.

Once all the rubble, bricks, weeds, ivy and tree roots were disposed of, I was able to have the blank canvas I need to put my wife's garden idea into action.

Now the canvas (so to say) was ready we laid our garden sheeting down and we were ready to finish our garden creation off. 

We took a trip to Kwik-Fit to ask them if we could possible have any of their spare tyres, the lovely man gave us three great sized tyres which were going to be brilliant for what we had planned.

Although my son decided he wanted to use them as a new place to hide in lol.


We laid the play bark and filled the tyres with play sand and the hard work was finally complete.

Eventually with the help of my wife and father-in-law I/we did it, the urika idea my wife came up with had finally became our new garden space

We are very pleased with the outcome, the kids love it too and the garden now looks loved and is a safe place to play in.

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?

Binky Linky

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Stroll

As I wasn't in work till late today and my wife had gone with her dad to Costco taking L-A with her, I decided that as it was such a lovely day I would take the boys for a walk along the canal and eventualy onto the park. 

We walked along the road and joined the canal at the top of our street just before the canals 'pap pap' bridge, "pap pap bridge, what's a pap pap bridge?" I hear you ask, well the bridge is called that because you can't see on coming traffic so you have to pap pap your car horn to let others know you are there lol.

Well as I was saying we turned onto the canal and the boys feed the ducks straight away, leaving no bread for further along our canal walk. 

We walked over the bridges and around to the pond where the boys stopped and watched the men fishing whilst I constantly worried about them falling in every time they got too close to the edge.

We then climbed the bank up to 'Cobb's Engine House' this is a grade II listed building dating back from 1831 and is properly known as Windmill End Pumping Station.

We then walked through the fields and over the Netherton Tunnel took the boys down the embankment so they could have a look down the tunnel which is 9,081ft long. 

We then left the canal area and made our way to the park and the play area. 

This was fun for us all, I was able to sit down and watch my boys play nicely on the swings and slides both by themselves and with other children playing there too.


I helped the boys to climb the climbing frame and helped JR swing along the monkey bars.



I also had a cheeky go on the swings too with TP sat on my lap because he couldn't get the hang of swinging his legs to make himself move.

On the way home (ssshhhh don't tell anyone but) the boys picked some flowers from the park to take back to their mum.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 7 March 2014

World Book Day = New Bedtime Read

I try to read to my boys at bedtime whenever I don't have to work late.

We end up reading at least one book if not two at bedtime, unfortunately although my children have enough books to start their own library we end up reading through the same pile of books each week.

Well as it was World Book Day my wife brought the boys a new book, Marvel Super Heroes StoryBook Collection.


My boys are massive fans of Marvel Super Heroes, they have toys, figures, clothes and we even purchased recently a Ironman costume, so when my wife saw this book she just had to buy it.

 I must openly admit that I am partial to a bit of Marvel/DC comics and books. I'm kinda glad that growing up my kids like Spiderman, Thor, Hulk and Ironman as I did when I was growing up, err well still do lol. 

 Well back to the book, the boys chose 'The Uncanny X-Men' as their first read, this was a good choice. 

The boys knew of Wolverine and Cyclops from their toys so enjoyed reading about how the X-Men were formed. 

 Well that's our World Book Day over, hope all of you had a great time reading new or old favorites to your kids too.