My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday, 21 November 2014

Dettol Cleansing Surface Wipes

How clean is your child's lunchbox? 

Research carried out by the Dettol Back to School Study shows that only 48% of parents clean and disinfect their child's lunch box every day. 

Crumbs left behind can become a breading ground for bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and Staphylococcus Aureus. 

A quick wipe with a dishcloth may not help as research has shown that 9 out of 10 dishcloths in the UK are 'heavily contaminated' with bacteria.

Lunchboxes are often left in schoolbags for hours at a time, without being refrigerated meaning they are in the room temperature 'danger zone' where bacteria multiplies most rapidly increasing the risk of food poisoning. In these conditions, one bacteria such as salmonella could become several million in just eight hours.

Dettol have compiled three easy top tips for parents to follow to help reduce the risk of foodborne tummy bugs, they are:-
  • Pack frozen water bottles into lunchbox as freezer packs. This will cool down the food inside, helping to prevent it from hitting the 'danger zone' plus the water should be chilled ready to drink by lunch time too.
  • After lunch, children should discard all leftover perishable food and packaging. Avoid reusing sandwich bags and tin foil because they could contaminate other food.
  • Wipe down the lunchbox with an antibacterial wipe, such as Dettol Anti-Bacterial Cleansing Surface Wipes, before packing in order to kill 99.9% of bacteria.

As a parent I always want to protect my children and keep them safe and well at all times and with Dettol Cleansing Surface Wipes I feel I can help protect them even when they are at school.

Using Dettol Surface Wipes I am not only able to keep clean the preparation area where I make them their lunch but I can also keep clean the lunchbox they use at school too. 

Together with educating my children to discard of leftover food at lunch time and myself to keep their lunchbox clean and free of bacteria we can fight off foodborn tummy bugs together. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

90:10 Product Review

Picture the scene (you can close your eyes if it helps lol) two guys sat round a table in a pub chatting away about random topics and putting the world to rights. The conversation then turns towards the subject of "being grown up" and having responsibilities. It then dawns upon them that they are grown up and have responsibilities now to which one of them pipes up and says "We might have responsibilities and are grown up but we're far from over the hill!"

Well this scenario was exactly how 90:10 was created by Dan and Paul over a few beers in their local pub in the summer of 2013 (read the whole story here). A daft conversation under the influence was underway when Dan suddenly said, "When it comes to having to admit that I am now a grown up, I will go 90% but no higher".... He joked that he would get this tattooed on his forehead as a statement of self expression prompting Paul to propose printing it on a T-shirt instead .... A bit less drastic! Dan then decided that this statement should be symbolised as 90:10 .... 90% Grown Up .... 10% Not!

Well after a few days of the concept of the 90:10 brand buzzing round Dan's head he took the full idea to Paul and with his guidance as Paul worked in the clothing industry. With blood, sweat and tears the brand 90:10 was brought to life.

Dan is quick to point out that having an innovative brand message is one thing, but it needs to be married to stylish clothing that is well made which in turn is then delivered to the customer at the right in an environmentally responsible way.

When I was approached about working with this brand I was really interested to be honest, the whole story behind the development of the brand intrigued me. A brand developed from a conversation had whilst two guys sat drinking round a table in a pub how fantastic I thought, not only that but I totally get the 90:10 logo as a working dad of three I too am 90% Grown up and 10% Not.

The signature 90:10 hoodie I was sent for review has the 90:10 logo embroiled on the chest. It is made from 100% pure organic cotton and it features a double kangaroo front pocket. 

The hoodie is priced up at £42.00 including free delivery, to be honest that for me to spend on a item of clothing is expensive but I'm not a fashionable guy and my children have more branded clothes then I do as I normally but cheaper versions but saying that this hoodie is a quality made casual smart item that is worth its price tag.

Check out and follow 9010 Man on twitter (@9010man)

You can also pop over and visit their Facebook page here too.

All the views and options on this post are mine.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Penpals at Home books

 Penpals at Home Getting Ready for Handwriting and Forming Letters are fantastic books full of activies to help your 3-5 year olds with developing their motor skills to help improve with their handwriting.


As my two boys are in nursery and year one respectively I thought this book would be a great aid in helping with their handwriting. 

Its laminated pages are ideal as they can be used over and over again, so you don't have to worry if your child is like mine and draws off the patterns/shapes on the page or scribbles on the page completely as you can just wipe it off and start again. Unfortunately the book doesn't come with a wipe clean pen, but you can pick these up quiet cheap from stationary shops.

This book has a fantastic FREE app you can download from google play or the ITunes store. This app allows your child to follow an animated example of how to draw the shape or letter correctly. Both my wife and I downloaded this app on our respective phones but the app worked on her phone but not mine so be aware of this in case it doesn't work once you have downloaded it.

Along with the app guidance each new double page has a 'Notes for grown-ups' part where it tells the growm-up what the letter is known as and how to help them write it. For example c,a,d,o,s,g,q,e and f are known as curly caterpillar letters.


My boys found this book really helpful, it was fun to be able to sit with them load up the app watch it together and then watch them complete the activities on the pages.

The book is priced up at £4.99 which I think is a very good price which compares very well with lots of other wipe clean educational activity book. Yes although it doesn't come with a wipe clean pen it does have the downloadable app which is in my opinion a fantastic aid for your children to see how they write the letters or shapes correctly.

I was sent these books for review purpose free of charge and all views and opinions are my own.

We're going on an adventure

Thursday, 13 November 2014

#Wicked Wednesday

Oh no I've been caught on the computer quick act like a rabbit in head lights.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Childhood Dream Fulfilled

When I was growing up I loved watching Disney cartoons and animated films, to be honest I still do. Through watching cartoons and films I would sit and draw cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. No one taught me how to draw the characters one day I just started doodling and walla I drew my first characters.

Well jump a few years forward to me taking my GCSE's, I decided as I liked drawing I'd take GCSE Art, to be honest I really didn't enjoy it at all, I loved drawing and doodling but the things I wanted and how I wanted not to a set theme and time frame.

Any how's one parents evening my dad spoke to my art teacher to see how I was getting on and he mentioned how I liked drawing cartoons but his response slightly annoyed my dad to be honest, he basically told my dad that no one has every got anywhere drawing cartoons to which my dad replied "have you never heard of Walt Disney". Off the back of that I still didn't enjoy my art classes and wasn't encouraged to carry on drawing cartoons.

I kinda wish I'd stuck firm with the cartoons to be honest, as we all know the animation industry is massive today, with the likes of Walt Disney Animation & Pixar and DreamWorks who produce like likes of Shrek, Frozen, Brave, Monsters Inc and the amazing Toy Story, yes I know its all computer generated on screen but all animation films start on a artists storyboard/sketch board somewhere.

Well my childhood cartoon drawing enjoyment was brought back to life when we took JR to Euro Disney six years ago now. I was able to participate in a proper cartoon drawing class lead by a real life Disney artist, it was fantastic, I felt like a big kid, I couldn't tell you what was going on around me to be honest I was so engrossed in making sure I concentrated on drawing my Donald Duck correctly.

Well that was my childhood dream fulfilled to be able to properly draw a cartoon character under the guidance of a proper artist.

Do you have any childhood dream or childhood dream jobs you have been able to fulfill in anyway?

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Z Is For....... Zooming

I am linking this post up with the lovely Charly Dove and her 
wonderful Alphabet Project.

Z Is For ...... Zooming.

In the summer we took the children to Lego Land, where they went on many different rides and attractions.

This visit both boys were old enough and tall enough to do the driving licence challenges and as you can see they both had lots of fun doing so and were zooming round in their cars like crazy lol.

Well that's my Z Is For ........

Stay tuned for my ..... oh wait that's the journey over.

The new journey starts again in January see you there.