My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday, 17 February 2014

Coombe Mill Animal Feed Run

Today (Sunday 16 Feb) we as a family participated in our first ever animal feed run, this feed run was made even more special because it was at Coombe Mill.

This is our first ever visit to Coombe Mill and hopefully won't be our last neither. When the boys were informed by Fiona on Saturday that they could go out on the tractor and feed the animals every morning they were so excited they couldn't sleep that night.

I had seen other peoples fab holiday pics of Coombe Mill and thought "I can't wait till its our turn", and now we're here, its fabulous.

Before I digress about how fab Coombe Mill is I'll go back to the animal feed run lol.

As I was saying we walked down to the reception area where the boys, L-A and mummy boarded farmer Nicks trailer, put on their new funky caps and off they went up the hill the all the animals.


The kids got to feed ducks and chickens and whilst there got to collect fresh eggs for breakfast. L-A was scared of the ducks at all she just wondered about without any cares lol.

Once they had finished finished feeding the chickens JR was chosen the drive the tractor up to the next lot of animals.


They also got to meet goats, ponies, a donkey, lots of ducks, peacocks and to top off a fab feed run they got to get up close and personal with reindeers, that was fantastic seeing the kids stand in silence watching these beautiful animals running about in front of them.

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