My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Afternoon Fun In The Park Part 2

Friday Mummy went off to Blogon Cymru so daddy was left looking after us.

By the time we got back from the train station from dropping mummy off and having lunch there was only an hour left till we had to go and pick big bro up from school, so daddy suggested we went to the park again.

Awesome we thought, we loved going there on Monday and couldn't wait to go back, we didn't think it would be so soon but we're glad it was it's awesome there.

We played a little on the small children's play area then persuaded daddy to take us on the big children's area for longer this time compared to our short visit on Monday.

We went on the big climbing area which was really really cool, it has a awesome fast slide which we both really loved going down.


Daddy took TP along the climbing course holding his hand tightly to make sure he didn't fall but also letting him see how fair he could go by himself.

I went up and over and round the tunnel bit again and again whilst daddy pushed TP in the big circle swing thingy and also round and round in the silver shiny spinning thing, how he wasn't sick I'll never know.

It was almost time to collect JR from school but before we went daddy pushed TP on the swings whilst I played on the slide, how much fun we had, can't wait to come back again really soon I hope.

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