My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Adventure Afternoon

Meaning the sun was shining and the kids were getting (as per usual) very bored in the flat, we decided to take them to Clent Hills.
We had already researched to see what was there for the boys to do, so on arrival we asked where the adventure play was and made our way there.

The boys were amazed to see so many different things to do. There were various huts to hide in, dens to play in and logs to follow which lead you to a big wooden platform where we decided would be a great place to have our picnic


After our picnic, my wife and I sat back and enjoyed the afternoon sun whilst the boys played amongst all the interesting new play items.
Once the boys had finished playing in the dens and log hut they decided to be alittle bit more adventurous and climb the steep embankment.
This was all well and good until we heard a loud " daddy, daddy I am stuck", to this I look at my wife and sighed.
JR was sat at the top of this embankment refusing to come down cause he was stuck at the top. So his mummy went to help him, eventually I was called over by my wife to help her get the kids down.
By the time I had turned up my wife was standing there trying to convince the boys to come down and the boys were sat there flat out refusing cause they didn't know how too.
Eventually we convinced them to sit on the bums and slide down, this was a site to see, my eldest with his younger brother sat in front of him trying their hardest to push themselves down a fairly steep, very dusting embankment. 

They did it though, they eventually got to the bottom, very dusty and dirty, " pick yourselves up boys, dust yourselves down and go enjoy yourselves" I said, they responded with "daddy time to go home now".

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