My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday, 1 July 2013

That time has come

The time that all (or most) parents dread is nearly upon my wife and I. The day when you realise your little boy or girl is all grown up, the day they start full time school. 

It only seems like yesterday that my little man was born yet in September he will start his long journey into full time education. Thankfully J. R has been at the same nursery school now for 18 months so he like us are used to all the teachers and kids in his class. 

We had to attend an open evening to introduce us to what we and J.R are to expect when he moves into reception. To be fair it was what we already knew apart from his new lunch time routine where we were informed of the price of his meal if he didn't take up the option of a packed lunch.

To be honest I think the move up to reception will be a breeze for J.R as all his little friends are moving up with him anyhow, it will be my wife I am worrying about losing her little man for all that time but hey hoe she has T.P and the ever growing L.A to keep her busy.

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