My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

B Is For .... Birthday Cake Alphabet Project

I am linking this post up with The Alphabet Project which is being run by Charly Dove.
 B Is For .... Birthday Cake 

 Yes I've chosen birthday cake for this letter as for my daughter's first birthday last year I thought at the time it would be a nice for daddy to attempt to cake her a birthday cake. 

 To be honest this was my first ever attempt at a birthday cake. I thought how hard can it be. Throw a few ingredients into a bowl, whisk them together add a splash of food colouring and whala baked cake. 

 Not being big headed but that's exactly what I did and as you can see frim the pictures below, a very impressive first attempt I must said lol. 

 That was my B Is For ..... 

 Stayed tuned for my C Is For ...... Post coming soon