My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Review: The Book of everyone

As you get older presents become more difficult to buy for friends and family members especially when their birthday is close to Christmas like my father in laws.

His a bit of a zany character always happy and bubbly, also having a laugh and enjoying the things he likes doing, so every year we never really know what to get him for his birthday to be honest, this year being no exception.

Well this year we've found that something different, that unusual present that he'll open and thoroughly enjoy, The Book of everyone.

The Book of everyone is a glorious celebration of any individual aged between 1 and 101, it's a beautiful personalised book celebrating someone special whether it's their birthday, anniversary or just because they deserve it.

This personalised book is fantastic, it's full of different pages of information relevant to the person who the book belongs to like "(input name) you share 50% of your DNA with a banana", "your 1952 block buster movie was The Greatest Show On Earth", the number 1 hit on the day the person was born on and finally the persons name in British Sign Language.

This book would make a perfect christmas present this year for anyone and everyone, this Christmas in collaboration with AgeUK for every book you buy it goes towards the 'gifting' of a book for an elderly person who may not receive a gift.

The Book of everyone starts at £7.50 for a digital download version through to £49.50 for the Deluxe Edition its fast to make and free to preview. You choose in the first three steps of making this book the owners name and age and who the author of the book is and their relationship to the books owner once that's complete you choose what colour cover you want and preview all the books pages then your ready to purchase the book.

I think that this product would be a lovely gift for anyone of any age, I also think that the price is very reasonable, I looked on line at other personalised books and some are cheaper and others are around the same price range but all the detail and information in this book makes it worth every penny.

I was sent this book as part of a review and all my words and opinions are mine.
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  1. This is the perfect present for the person who has everything! Popping by from Tried & Tested

  2. Cheers for comment and yes it's a great and different present to buy for that unusual gift.

  3. What a great idea! Love the randomness of it.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x