My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Thursday, 27 June 2013

That Knock Out Blow

Many of you with children or those without (you may have to cast your mind back to when you were young, no a little further back then that.) Do you remember the old phrase "stop that before someone gets hurt" well that came back to haunt me the other day.

The story starts with me clearing the floor of all the toys the boys had dispersed everywhere, then I thought it would be a great idea to play scary monster with my boys. This was my mess about time, my let my hair down and not worry about the big real world time.

So I chased the boys round the living room as a scary monster, and once I had caught them I tickled them into submission. After a few chases around the living room and tickles I was slightly worn out so I flopped to the floor and covered my head, the boys on realising this decided to come and jump on me because they were far from out of energy. This lead to the scary monster being awoken once again, so the chasing and fun began all over again.

After a few laps round the living room floor I was starting to get worn out, this gave the boys more freedom to escape from the monsters grasp, the more I chased the more then ran me in circles. I got to the point where I play collapsed into a heap on the floor, where at this point my eldest son came slowly over to me to see if I was ok and still able to play. 

Before I was able to answer him my youngest son who had obviously got bored of daddy lying on the floor decided to run at daddy and when daddy didn't respond to his shout of "daddy play more" decided it would be fun to smack me over the head with his die cast chuggington old puffer Peter.

Down in a heap I went, all I could hear was my little boy shouting "sorry daddy sorry". That's the story of my knock out blow, hope you all enjoyed reading about my misfortune lol.