My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Whilst Mummy Was At BritMums Live 2014

My wife Me_andthe_tiny3 like many other fellow women bloggers and (the few men that might of been there) packed their suitcase(s) and headed off to BritMums live 2014 whilst their OHs stayed at home and either worked or like me had mass fun with the kids or maybe possibly did both.

Well I had booked the whole weekend off as my wife and Cathie Boyle were booked into their hotel room for two nights and due back at some point on Sunday.

Well on Friday we dropped JR off at school and made our way to the train station to see mummy off for her jolly weekend away or as the boys said "mummies working weekend away".

It was slightly emotional and me and my wife were nervous for each other. She had never been away by herself before let alone roomed with anyone and I had never been by myself with the kids for over 48 hours or whatever it was going to become.

Well we said our goodbyes, made sure she boarded her train and off we went on our little weekend adventure unsure what we were going to do or who we were going to see to be honest.

1st port of call was to go visit my Nan before she went off on holiday and to see my parents before they head off back home to Benidorm. 

We timed the arrival quite well I must say as we walked through the front door my dad offered me some breakfast how could I say no to that lol. 

The kids love seeing Great Nana as she always treats them to sweets but always gives them fruit to take home too. TP was a star on this visit he helped Grandpa make lunch and helped Nana peg out the washing. L-A spent most of the time chasing Grandpa round or sitting showing Great Nana what she wanted out of the Argos book.

Well we spent somewhat over four hours at Great Nana's by which time it was time to go fetch JR from after school club, so we wished Great Nana a safe journey for her holiday and wished Nana and Grandpa a safe journey home. 

We picked JR up from after school club went to Asda to get some salad stuff for tea and then went home had tea and put the kids to bed, then I chilled to prepare for what Saturday had in store.

Well Saturday arrived with a 5.20 wake up call courtesy of L-A which in turn woke the boys, not the start I was hoping for being by myself but hey ho. 

Well we got up had breakfast and got JR ready for dance class. I took the youngest two to Grandma's and took JR to dance, I left him in his class and took a wee little break in the car to recharge my batteries and nearly sleep through the end of his class. When I want to collect him I was greeted by my son standing there in his dance costume holding a cup he had won for this weeks best performer 
*very proud daddy moment followed*.

We then went to a world cup sticker swop session at Toys R Us, the boys got to do some colouring in and get some much needed stickers to help towards completing their book.

The rest of the day was spent at Grandma's and Grandad's house where the kids played in the garden and helped Grandad do some gardening we also had a lovely BBQ with giant burgers and sausages, which we all really enjoyed. 

We also had daft play time where I pushed the kids round the garden on there bikes and even sat JR in the shed roof for the fun of it.

It was almost bed time but before so I had to give the kids a bath as they were filthy from playing in the garden. 
I was a little nervous as this was the first time I had bathed all three by myself. 
Thankful I pulled it off with no major issues a few tears as L-A is still getting used to water but a success never the less. 

Well I got the kids in bed and kicked back and watched the football then went to bed myself.

Sunday became a chill day we got up had breakfast watched television, I filled up the paddling pool so they could play in it whilst I did the housework.

As the weather was lovely they played out for ages and I was able to do lots of washing and was able to hang it all out to dry in the lovely sunshine. 

We were still waiting for me_and the_tiny3 to return from her weekend away and as a little 'we missed you mummy' we made mummy a welcome home cake.

Well that was my  BritMums live 2014 weekend, if you went hope you had mass fun and learnt loads if you didn't go hope you had an equally fun weekend.

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