My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fun @ Play Week

On Friday afternoon we took the kids to our local park where our local council had put on free activities for the kids to take part in. 

There was lots to do and best of all it was FREE, which is a rarity these days so we jumped at the chance for the kids to have an afternoon full of free fun. 

 As you can see they did so much, 

Even with all these free activities TP still found time to go on the outside gym equipment lol.


JR even did a bit of wall climbing, his never done it before to be honest but fully enjoyed every minute. 



As you can see even mummy got involved in the activities lol. 


 To finish the afternoon off the organizers cooked popcorn over an open fire and to our surprise they then treated the kids to marsh mellow cook on the fire too which was pretty cool to be honest.
It was a great family day out which we all fully enjoyed.

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  1. I love this, free fun and what a good event it looks. That climbing wall looks awesome and I love the wigwam. Infact I want to try building one of these at Coombe Mill. Check out the Coombe Mill Hats: holiday points all round for marketing for me! Thank you for sharing your day with me on Country Kids.

    1. It would be fab to build a wigwam a coombemill tbh lol, the caps go everywhere tbh too.