My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday, 15 August 2014

N Is For .... Night Night

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My N Is For ...…... Night Night

Due to the fact my daughter has learnt to climb out of her cot we decided it was time for her to go into TP's cot bed and TP in to a big bed.

As you can see in a big bed TP looks very lost but hey ho his now got lots of room to sleep which in turn means I get a cute pic like this one lol.

Well that's my N Is For.........

Stay tuned for my O Is For..........


  1. What a sweet photo! He looks like a little angel. At least he's got plenty of toys to keep him company, which will help if he wakes up in that big bed on his own in the night. All the best, Bonny

    1. Thanks for ur comment yep he does lol, he was fine until his brother decided he wanted the bigger bed so they changed again now his in a smaller bed which is good all round.