My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Our None TV Morning

Today I decided once the children had eaten breakfast we'd have a none TV morning.

At first the children didn't find this such a popular decision to be honest but once they realised this was how it was going to be they just got on and played.

They decided at first they'd play with their chuggington set, so we made some different sets.

Then they decided they wanted to play with their new jigsaws, which to be honest kept them quiet for a fair amount of time as they decided to turn it into a competition to see who could complete theirs first.

To finish the morning session off before lunch they decided to play shop, well their version of shops anyhows, they transformed their spiderman house into a shop and used their moshi monsters and their shopkins as customers and items on sale.

They all had their little moments like most children do but to be fair it was a fun happy morning.

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