My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Simplest Things Make Her Happy & Laugh

My little princess L-A is at that age where the simplest of things make her laugh and be happy.

Like when we take and pick up her brother's from school, she loves walking up the road to and from school, she will all of a sudden start laughing and giggling at various things. She will try and jump over puddles that are on the path, when she splashes in the edges of the puddles she will just laugh her head off.

I will walk along the street holding her little hand and say for example jump L-A, skip L-A come on L-A lets run and she will attempt to follow the instructions whilst laughing her little head off. I must admit it is lovely to hear her walking along and laughing at the simplest of things like running up the street.

At home we have wooden living room flooring, she loves pushing her dolly round the living room in its pushchair especially without any shoes on as she slides along whilst pushing the pushchair, every now and then she will slip over and bounce on her bum she will look round to see if anyone is looking then she will just laugh and get up and start again which is well cute to be honest.

The other day we went shopping just me, mummy TP and L-A, whilst mummy was clothes shopping with TP me and L-A went food shopping. 

We whizzed around the isles and I pretended to be a speeding car which L-A found really funny to say the least, especially when daddy started spinning round the corners of every isle but the other customers didn't find it funny oh well lol.

I am really enjoying L-A being at this age of laughter and care free fun because I know it won't last and soon it will become "daddy can I have", " daddy I'm staying out till ...." "Daddy I want that new phone" lol.

You've all either been there and done that or have it all to come like my wife and I lol.

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  1. ha ha I remember doing that in the supermarket with my two, that seems so long ago