My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Saturday, 27 June 2015

This BritMums Weekend Was Different To The Rest

Since June 2013 Tammy has been attending BritMums Live without fail. In 2013 she was that nervous about going and meeting up with fellow bloggers she took our little princess L-A with her for company. I took the boys down to meet up with her after nursery had finished so she wasn't alone and scared, so she had some company and so she had her loving family around her in the big scary city.

Obviously whilst mummy attended BritMums Live I did take the boys sight seeing round London which was awesome, we did so much and saw so much in those two days, you can read about our fun and interesting experience's here.

Last year she went to BritMums alone, well I say alone she actually roomed with the ever awesome Cathie Boyle, which was great for her because she had company for the entire weekend and wasn't going to be alone and scared staying in the hotel by herself. It also gave me piece of mind that she wasn't going to be alone, that she'd have a fab friend she was rooming with and she was going to be safe.

Well that leads us to BritMums Live 2015, the one I had been dreading for weeks in all honesty, why? I hear you ask, because this BritMums changed everything, Tammy wouldn't be alone anymore instead she'd she had the company of her new boyfriend. Yes I imagined she'd still be scared and nervous but that's how she is but she'd have him to put his loving arms around her, to look after her, to comfort her to protect her in her time of need.

This was the BritMums that Tammy wasn't coming home as my wife but instead returning as my ex wife and more so just the mother of our children.

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  1. I dreeded this britmums too I didn't go but it was the one I had my breakdown and where where as a result of that I lost friends