My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday, 18 September 2015

A Open Letter To My Children

Daddy writes this letter to you with deep regret in my heart, why may you ask? 
Simply because Mummy and Daddy are no longer together and it must be so confusing for all three of you especially when you occasionally ask why don't we all live together? and why don't you love Mummy no more Daddy?

When I married your Mummy I was the happiest and luckiest man in the world because I was marrying the the most beautiful fiancee anyone could ask for, this day was only ever topped off by the birth of each of you three wonderful, beautiful children.

Unfortunately as is in life all good things seem to come to a end at some point and Daddy being married to Mummy is another to add to that list.

I won't lie to you kids, Mummy and Daddy hadn't been good for a while before Mummy decided to call time on our marriage. Due to various reasons we didn't see eye to eye on things here and there and instead of sitting down and talking to each other about our problems we let them fester and build up to the point where enough was enough and your Mummy decided the time was right to leave.

Maybe Daddy wasn't a good enough husband, friend, best friend, lover, soul mate etc but I know I'm going to be the best ever Daddy you'll ever have.

Over time various reasons might come out about me and your Mum separating, some truer than others but I want all three of you to know that I truly love you. In fact I've loved you deeply from the moment you were born.... No in fact I've loved you right from the moment your Mummy told me she was pregnant with each of you.

I will never stop loving and caring for you guys wherever you may be. Yes you might be little pains at times and no doubt you'll grow up to bigger pains in time but my love for you will never ever die, in fact it will grow stronger as each day passes by. No matter who entered or leaves my life you three will always be my number one well my number one's lol.

Love Daddy.

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