My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Daddy & Daughter Day Out

Today I decided that as the boys were at school all day I would take my daughter out for the day, so I picked her up before the school run and took her to Drayton Manor Park.

We arrived at the park before the rides were open so we took a steady walk round the zoo and went and said good morning to whatever animals and birds had come out to say hi, well that's what L-A was doing every time she walked past any of the enclosures lol.

Once we had finished our wonder round the zoo and by now the rides were all open we made our way round to Thomas Land to begin our day of theme park rides.

I won't go in to boring details of what we went on and when but I'll just say we went on many many rides, on the train twice, once pulled by Percy and the next time pulled by Thomas himself, we went on the tranquil boat ride round the lake and also watched Yogi Bear in 4D which was really good to be honest.

L-A was a little scared on some of the rides yet moaned when it was time to get off of them cause she was enjoying them but the biggest thing I was most proud of today was the fact she went on the Buffalo roller-coaster and really enjoyed it because she said she was "like mummy" because her mummy loves roller-coasters.

Well that was our day out at Drayton Manor Park which we both really enjoyed.

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