My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday, 18 December 2015

My Visit to Valencia pt2

This is where I will tell you all about our adventures on Thursday whilst we were in Valencia.
Thursday started off for me at 5am, I was awaken by something but at the time I wasn't too sure what it was, then I realised it was my brother snoring his head off, cheers for that oh sweet brother of mine lol. I can't complain really as it's payback for all the years I snored as a kid on holiday.
Well eventually we got up and as we didn't have to check out of our room till 12 we decided to take a walk through the park and over to the City of Arts Sciences buildings.

What mighty impressive architectural buildings they are too. The one is nick named the eye because at different angles it looks like a giant eye.
As we approached said building we happened to noticed men climbing up the side of the building, climbing up the side of a building doesn't sound too impressive but take a look at the picture below, I think that looks impressive to be fair.
Well we finished our walk round these impressive building and made our way back through the park and back to our hotel.
On our way back we did however go past this awesome playground, how I wished my children were with me at the time we'd of all loved going on this amazing playground.
Yes as you can see its a giant playground in the shape of Gulliver from Gulliver Travels.
As it was nearing 12 we checked out of our room and started our walk back across town to the coach station to head home, being with my brother this was no quick simple route back neither but to be honest I'm glad it wasn't.
We didn't go the simple route we walked down this road and down that road following my brothers Street maps until we came to a point he was aiming for which to be fair was worth aiming for.
He aimed for a market at one point and we ended up stumbling across this beautiful building which happened to look like a train station but ended up being a local market hall, it was truly beautiful both inside and out.

Next his travels took us down many streets, down one particular Street he ended up spoiling his niece and nephews in the Disney Store, yes I went all the way to Valencia and ended up shopping in a Disney Store lol.

His last little adventure lead us down a few back streets and side alleys and it brought us out in front off the hugely impressive Town Hall but outside the Town Hall was a lovely winter wonderland with a big adults ice skating rink and a funky little kiddies one too.
Well we eventually found our way back to the coach depot, boarded our coach and headed home.
Well that was our journey to Valencia, we really enjoyed ourselves and a little note if anyone is going to visit Valencia use a street map and explore the back streets and take in all the history and see all the beautiful old buildings don't just jump on a bus or in a taxi you'll miss out on so much.

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