My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday, 19 August 2013

Emotional Day

Wednesday 14th August 2013 was an emotional day in the Knowles-smith, Knowles and Wootton household, for on that day my sister in law her four wonderful kids and her husband packed up their belongings and moved to Essex.

My boys had their last sleep over with their cousins on the Tuesday night, which they as usual thoroughly enjoyed.

My wife and I got to my mother-in-laws house early so we could spend as much time as possible with them before they left. We took all the grand kids up to see their great grandparents to get some much needed up to date photos of all the kids together.



When we got back to mother-in-laws my sis in law and her hubby packed their last few items into their car, said their good byes and they were gone. Off into the afternoon sun they drove ( oh hang on we live in Dudley, afternoon rain I meant).

Off  to be together, something they had not been able to do for a few years due to their fathers work commitments in London.

 But they now can be together all day, all night and all weekend in the same house in the same part of the country.

 This is for them a much deserved togetherness, a family separated by work now brought back together by a new home and a new chapter in their book of life.

This was not just a goodbye have a good vaccination or enjoy the summer holiday see you in six weeks, this was goodbye see you when we can get the time to visit and enjoy your new house.

The emotions in our household where slightly different, my wife was going to lose her nephews but mostly she was going to loose her good friend and fab younger sister.

 My youngest lad doesn't really understand that his aunty, uncle and cousins aren't coming back next week or in a few weeks but my eldest lad, he understands, he knows their gone not to return in days, weeks, months or even years. 

His lost his afternoon play mate, his cousin Oliver who was only a few months younger then him. We will now have to answers his " is Oliver coming to play today daddy"? With no son he lives in London now.


The emotions were different in the Knowles household though because they were loosing their youngest daughter and four of their grand kids, which can't be easy at all, but to soften the blow they will be able to go down for weekends and visit them in their new house.