My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Fun In The Garden

Today I had a rare chance to have fun with the kids in the garden.
We had a visit from Kelvin my wife's uncle at the same time so all was good.

The washing was done and out drying in the afternoon sun, the house was fairly tidy and lunch had been eaten so off into the garden we all went.


To most of you going into the back garden is an everyday occurrence but for us it's a new chapter in our family book, for we now have a garden not just a bit of grass outside the apartment window but a garden with loads of grass and paved area to sit and enjoy the sun on.


The kids get to go into the back garden and ride their bikes on the patio and grass (yes we did have a few accidents and falls off our bikes but hey ho never mind lol) and play football on the lawn.

So this afternoon when all was done I along with the kids went off to play in the garden, they rode their bikes and then we kicked the ball round the lawn then had a mini wrestling match (no one got hurt so all was ok).
All in all everyone had a great afternoon and hopefully (weather permitting) we can do this day in day out lol.

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