My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sandwell Show 2013

Today we took the kids to the Sandwell Show 2013. This is a free event which is yearly run across the Bank Holiday Weekend. We try to take the kids to one or both days of the event work permitting.

The boys love going to the show, they love being able to go and look round all craft tents and trying out new things also they like watching the free events in the main event area.

The one tent the boys particularly enjoyed this year was the kids 'make and decorate' tent. In this tent they were able to decorate biscuits and make masks.

  Outside this tent was the animal man. At first my boys were a bit hesitant to go and see what animals the man had, but once they realised the animals weren't dangerous they were straight in amongst them. They stroked and talked (yes stood there and talked) to the geese, rabbits and genie pig.


Then J.R surprised me totally, he not only stroked but picked up a field mouse(well i think they were mice anyhow lol). I can't wait to go to Coombe Mill next year for our holiday so they can feed and meet the animals there.

Then J.R was able to ply his football skills in the W.B.A skills zone. To be fair he wasn't too bad apart from the fact he wanted to use his hands instead of his feet.


We then pottered about in the craft and fancies (cupcakes and preservatives, they did look totally yummy) tents for my wife, she enjoys seeing what's on sale and seeing if there's any bargains to buy, the boys and I on the other hand prefer the activity tents lol.

 Then we found some well fun looking tents with various activities for the boys to take part in.
First was a Tudor house building project, J.R and T.P were able to help the man who was building the Tudor house put the finishing touches to his walls. Well I say help T.P tried his best to help while J.R wanted to keep going inside to see what items were there to look at.

  We then went and looked round the horticultural section, where the boys got to see various wood carvings and J.R even got to sit in a tractor.


Then J.R was able to put his hand to wood carving. I was a little nervous at first, the carving man had let my little boy lose with wood tools. To be honest I don't know what I was worried about J.R was quite good, he listened to the man then put his little creative mind to work and made some pretty little shapes.

Before we made our way home the kids were about to stop and look at the bird man and his birds of prey. Having seen birds of prey before at our local park summer show and at Dudley Zoo they weren't really afraid of them, so it was nice to stand there and admire these beautiful birds.

That was our nice afternoon out, no arguing over what TV channel to watch or what toys to play with but just nice family fun at the show.

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  1. These shows are great - especially when it's free entry. Lots to see with plenty of activities to keep the children happy. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos from your fun day out with Country Kids and we are looking forward to seeing you all next year!