My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday, 7 October 2013

Magic Chocolate Moment

This picture means so much to me, to some its just a picture of a child have a chocolate button but to us its way more than that.

My daughter was born on the 13th September 2012, she was born perfectly fine and was discharged from hospital with no concerns at all.

Well that soon changed, soon she became a poorly baby, every bottle feed came back straight back up with vengeance. We even tried changing milk brands but to no success.

After quite a few doctors appointments and health visitor consultations we were booked into see a dietician at our local hospital.

The dietician was lovely, caring and so understanding, which made a change to our doctor who seemed to have given up on us.

The dietician took L-A straight off shelf milk and tried her on neocate formula milk. Within two weeks L-A had regained the weight she had lost, gained her appetite back and was no longer being violently sick.

Although  L-A missed out on chocolate for her first christmas, thanks to the dietician putting her on a dairy free diet she was able to have chocolate at easter.

Thanks to Tesco she was able to enjoy a packet of dairy free chocolate button at easter too.