My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday, 25 October 2013

Project Code Name:Birthday Cake

I wanted to push myself one step further for my son's birthday than I did for my daughter's a few weeks ago.

I read a blog post not long back about baking different cakes, their post was mainly about a piñata cake which to be honest with you I really took to the idea of.

I baked a simple but lovely cake for daughters birthday but I thought to myself why not take up the challenge of a piñata cake, so I did and here's how it went.

My eldest lad was at school and my youngest lad, who's birthday it was, kept going on about 'his birthday cake' how could I not bake him one now.

I will admit to you all before we go any further, I did use packet cake mix, I ain't good enough yet to use proper ingredients lol.
I knew in my mind how the final outcome was meant to look but getting there was going to be the challenge.

I knew I needed a top whole layer of cake and also a bottom whole layer of cake. I knew i needed butter icing inbetween the layers and the outside of the cake needed butter icing too.

The middle of the cake was the tricky bit. The space where all the lovely sweets would sit, just waiting to be set free.

I baked the top and bottom of the cake and added orange essence to the mix to give it a extra bit of taste.

The middle of the cake I added melted chocolate and again orange essence to the mixture for something extra.

I cut a circle shape out of the middle layer, layered the middle on to the bottom of the cake put the sweets in the hole added the top layer and the cake came together.

To finish offI i made red butter icing and pasted it on and around the cake then finished it off by adding decorations.
Project : Birthday Cake was a success.

I was even a little creative with some left over mix, I made cupcakes yeah me lol.

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