My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday, 6 October 2013


What is parenting? When you decide the time is right to have children no one says heres a manual that will guide you through the next 18 years (and more) of yours and their life. No they don't.

You walk past parents of all ages acting differently around their children, some polite, calm, sensitive and respectful other rude, loud and far to interested in anything else other than their children.

What lessons do you learn? What parenting values do you take on board? Some you discard straight out of hand, "I'll never be like those parents" you hear yourself saying but admiring the parenting skills of others "I hope I'll be like those, treat my kids nice".

No two parents are the same, not even two people who are together, we all have different paths in our minds of how perfect our children are going to be, how they will never fall off the straight and narrow.

Realistically all kids aren't perfect, they all do little things that are naughty, cheeky mischievous sometimes (sometimes more than others) but that is our learning path as the parent and theirs as the child to follow, to hopefully be that perfect child in every parents eye, one day they too will be the parent and want their children to be perfect.

Only time will tell how perfect they have become or even how perfect you have become as the parents.

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