My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Scalextric Fun

I had today (Saturday) off which is a rarity in itself. So I thought I was going to be able to kick back and chill. That idea of mine didn't last long at all, my OH had bin up most of the night with our unsettled daughter, so being the nice husband I am I let her lie in and I got up with the kids.

To be fair it was ok, the kids got up had their breakfast and all was well. We tidied away the breakfast stuff so there was space to play. 

The boys played nicely with their toys whilst L-A played her playpen. I sat back watched the kids play in anticipation of fighting, yes I'm afraid to say I sat back waiting for my boys to start fighting. But to give them their due they didn't, they played very nicely so my relaxation in my chair was much appreciated.

You must remember that I got up with the children at about 6.30, so the lie in I gave my wife, well ... shall we say was acceptable I thought, I didn't get her up till bout 11.30.

My wife got up inquiring where her morning cup of tea was, as she does after every lie in, so guess what my response was .... "The kitchens that way" lol, no before your in uproar, I got up and made her one.

She informed me that our local church was holding a scalextric afternoon. This sounded fab to me so I thought it would be great to take the kids up to.

We opened the doors, walked into the church hall and I was amazed by the layout that awaited us.


The boys were in shock they hadn't seen a scalextric layout like this before, in fact I don't think they've seen a scalextric layout before at all.


At 50p for practice laps and 10 race laps, it was good value for money and JR and the rest of us had loads of fun either watching or playing scalextric.

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