My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Outing to the Zoo

Yesterday we braced the rainy weather and ventured to Dudley Zoo and Castle, why go on a rainy day I hear you ask? Well mainly caused we not only pre booked to go but also we had friends coming down all the way from Bingley to visit our little old zoo and castle.

We all thought it was be really lovely for Maft and his two adorable children to come down and visit and we'd all take the kids to the zoo for a fun filled day out.

All week the weather report had chopped and changed from heavy rain to light rain to no rain but typically on Friday morning it read rain most of the day but this wasn't going to stop us having a fun day out and to be honest by the time Maft and his kids arrived the rain had gone away anyhows.

Well we meet up on the car park at the zoo, (once Maft had eventually found the car park after he'd already driven past us once lol) and made our way in to the zoo.

The children we're all so excited and all wanted to go separate ways to see first the animals they'd come to see, "lions first", "no penguin's first" Maft's two shouted, mine however shouted "Daddy I'm hungry, when lunch?". 

Maft and his son decided to make their way to the top of the hill by the traditional way of the chair lift whilst Tammy and I took the remaining children up on the land train, by doing this the children saw flamingos, various owls and two species of monkey.

The rest of the day consisted of us walking round the zoo making sure everyone got to see all the animals they'd come to see, well everyone except poor Maft who'd come to see the black bear and guess what.... Yep no black bear came out to say hi = disappointed Maft.

As well as having loads of fun and seeing many many different animals varying from flamingos to meerkats, from chimpanzees to tigers and giraffes to sea lions we got to do lemur walk, penguin walk and a walk through the wallabies area too.

We also tried out the zoos newest attractive Castle Creatures, this was a walk through exhibit telling you about the history of the castle and what creepy crawlies could be found amongst the castle corridors over the years, before you exit the exhibit you get to see bats flying about which was great to see, we were even lucky enough to see the babies being feed too.

The last thing I had to try before we left the zoo was the chair lift as I knew I'd only moan that I hadn't gone on it once I was home and I'm so glad not only that they've restored this fabulous feature but that I've been on it.

Its a lovely two minute ride up the hill over the monkeys playing below but also the journey back down is great too as you can see out for miles and miles.

Well that brings a close to our fab day out at Dudley Zoo and Castle.

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  1. I bet the kids were all excited to be going there. I find the animals really rather special, I think I'm a big kid at heart! I know my boys would be taken with the Castle Creatures and I''d love that chair lift. thank you for sharing your day with me on Country Kids.

  2. That does look like a fun place! The chair lift must of been very exciting!