My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday, 15 December 2013

My charity raffle day

Saturday 14th December was a fab day, for not only was I breaking up for my Christmas holiday but I was also holding a charity fun day/raffle.

As you might of previously read in my post titled Christmas is a time for giving, I have taken it upon myself to try and raise as much money as possible for The Lullaby Trust in memory of a little angel who goes by the name of Matilda Mae.

As my previous post informed you I tried to reach out to many shops, stores and sporting venues. I was genuinely shocked by the response I got, I fully understand that these companies/businesses receive possibly hundreds if not thousands of requests just like mine for various events and its not possible to accept everyone's requests with a positive reply.

So when the " sorry we can't help you this time " letters started falling on my door mat, I did start to get worried that I would end up with no or very few prizes at all.

Then came the shock, the complete and genuine shock. I received a letter from Kidderminster Harriers fc donating a pair of match day tickets, a small prize but a prize nether the less. Then Monmore Green Dog Track sent me six entree tickets, another small prize but a prize to add to my growing collection.

My market place manager then generously cash us thirty pound in cash prizes, a giant eeyore teddy and a Christmas hamper to a value of over fourth pound, all of which was greatly appreciated.


Then when I was at work next I received a letter from Worcester racecourse donating four complimentary tickets and I also received a letter for two complimentary tickets for a Worcester Royals cricket match.

My biggest coup by far was the generosity shown by Worcester rugby club who donated four match day tickets to the value of about £120.

The fun day was a big hit me and my colleague dressed in Christmas gear and held a coffee morning.

In total thanks to all our customers donating so kindly we raised a generous £210. This my not a massive amount by any means but it will still go to such a worthy charity.

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