My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Halloween Fun At Coombe Mill

The last full day of our holiday at Coombe Mill was Friday and as it was Halloween we stayed on the farm and participated in a fun filled day of activities.

It started with a fancy dress animal feed run. The animals are normally greeted by a excited group of kids but on this particular feed run the excited kids were in fancy dress which probably confused the animals completely lol.


Farmer Nick was dressed up and so was his tractor and trailer.

As L-A hadn't driven the tractor all week she had the honour of taking the first leg on this particular feed run.


It was fantastic sight to see all the kids on the feed run dressed up and ready to feed the animals.

Even dressed up TP wasn't to be hindered in anyway from his daily catching of the chickens and ducks. By now he was a chicken chaser/catcher expert and he even had a little dance to assist in his chicken catching, I kid you not lol.

At lunch time we made our way to Fiona's garden where the children sat in the lovely afternoon sun and made ghosts out of tin cans, kitchen roll and string and bats out of loo roll, black bin linners and string, all the kids enjoyed it and couldn't wait to decorate their holiday homes with their creations.

In the middle of the afternoon mummy and JR went on a potion ingredients finding trek ready for the witches cauldron at the train ride later that night.

At 4pm we all met up at the nearly Halloween decorated log storage hut where the kids bobbed for apples, played pin the arm on the skeleton, played musical zombies aka music statues then went over to the field and played zombie in the middle.

Once all that fun was over the children participated in the last train ride of the week, this one was a bit special as it became a ghost train ride.

The very last activity of the day was of course trick or treating, which was fantastic to be honest all the children and adults alike enjoyed participating in this activity.

Well that was our halloween fun down at Coombe Mill, hope
you had fun wherever and whatever you got up to on

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