My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Not so dancing on ice

Wednesday we tried our hands at ice skating, well our feet anyhows lol, from my big daddy feet through to L-A and her dinky feet we all had a blast at it.

I titled this post not so dancing on ice which is certainly true for me as I was more like bambi on ice I was sliding everywhere.

My wife had been invited to attend Webb's Garden Centre media event and in turn we were invited to go ice skating, how fab we both thought, something we had never done before as a couple or as a family.

The only time I've ever been ice skating before was when I was about 12 years old, and one of the lads I was with fell face first on the ice and knocked his top front teeth out.

Well we hadn't told the kids what we were doing we just picked JR up from school and made our way over to Webb's Garden Centre.

The kids were so excited to see all the bright lights and Christmas scenery in the entry way to the store.

Once inside the kids were invited to write their Christmas letter to Santa telling him what they want for Christmas, they posted it in the post box and now they have to just sit back and await his response.

As we were early for the ice skating session we had a look round the store, showing the kids all the animals in the animal corner.

We took them through the Christmas section where they pointed at all the lights and decorations in excitement, we even got to take a christmas photo in a lovely carriage pulled by reindeers.

Now it was time for ice skating, we made our way round to the ice rink where we bumped into Joy from Pinkoddy and her lovely family, we put on our ice skates and waited patiently to go onto the ice.

I was worried about me falling on my ass as much as my kids falling over to be honest so we decided to help the whole situation out by hiring a banana aid which the kids sat on whilst I pushed them round plus that stopped me falling on my ass many times to be fair.

Well all my kids at different points of the session found massive amounts of bravery as they all skated by themselves at some point. Even little L-A showed daddy how to ice skate properly to the point she refused to hold anyones hand.

By the end of the session even my wife was skating round like a natural, well I won't say Jane Torvill has anything to worry about well apart from moving out of the way as my wife as she couldn't stop lol.

As big massive thank you must go out to Pinkoddy for the help and encouragement she offered at various points to my wife and kids who thanks to her found inner bravery to go off and skate unaided cause I was useless on the ice and couldn't stay on my own two feet let alone helping them stay on theirs.

Once we had finished the skating we all chilled out with a lovely chocolate muffin and hot chocolate which we all fully enjoyed.

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