My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Chessington World of Adventure

On Tuesday we had a very early start as we went to Chessington World of Adventure, this was our very first visit to this attraction.

We had the tickets come through ages ago courtesy of sun perks, so we had been looking forward to this visit for quite a while to be honest all we had to do was pay for the boys on the day.

We had saved some vouchers from cereal boxes so we got the boys in for half price which made the visit even cheaper for us to be honest.

Once we got through the entrance gates we stood beside some other families in front of a very large park map and discussed where our day was going to begin by which ride we were going to aim to go on first.

The first thing the kids actually did was meet and have their picture taken with some characters from Madagascar which they all really enjoyed.

We decided to actually kinda ignore the parks map and just wander freely round the park and jump on the rides for the kids with the shortest queues.

We took them on:- 





The only ride throughout the whole day which we queued for was Rameses Revenge, well I say we what I actually mean is the kids and I stood about waiting for mummy to eventually get on this ride which seemed like forever then she was off it as quick as anything.

We were quite lucky with all the rides to be honest, apart from when L-A was asleep and we took it in turns to go on the rides with the boys we were all able to go on the rides together as a whole family.

Whilst L-A was asleep and mummy was on Rattle Snake I took the kids to look round the Sea Life Centre.

This was really cool to be honest, the boys got to see some fantastic fish, marine life and various sea creatures.



I must say that I particularly enjoyed seeing the jellyfish and even more so the sting rays as it brought back some fab honeymoon memories of our time at SeaWorld in Florida.


Outside of the Sea Life Centre the boys got to meet and have their pictures taken with Captain Barnacles and Kwazii from the Octonauts which the boys love watching so this was a great little treat for them both.

I enjoyed having a fab family day out and taking the kids on lots of different rides but I must say that the Hocus Pocus Hall was probably the most funniest and wackiest ride we went on.



As well as the rides we took JR on the Zufari attraction, he really enjoyed this as he got to go out on a safari jeep and get up close and personal with some animals that he doesn't normally see apart from in his school books like zebras and rhinos.

One last little fun thing I'll mention and this is mainly (with adults help I will add) a fun kids things to do is badge collecting.

We brought a drink from the shop and the cashier gave my wife two badges, wondering what they were for we asked the cashier who in formed us you can collect them throughout the park but best of all you can trade them with park staff too for badges you may need to add to you collection.

The kids loved this and every worker was asked "can we see your badges, please" and they traded if they saw something they fancied.

As you can see there's a birthday one there, if you go customer services you can ask for special occasion ones there.

Enjoy collecting folks

All in all the day was a very long one but equally it was a very fun filled on too.

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