My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday, 28 July 2014

Penwizard Personalized Story Book

My children like most children love story books and love having stories read to them.

So when I was approached with the chance to review a personalized story book how could I possibly say no.

As it's my daughter's birthday soon I decided that I'd apply for a book personalised to her.

The personalizing of the book was very easy to be honest, you log on to the Penwizard website, chose the story you want personalizing and click create to start creating it.

On this occasion I chose the Ben and Holly birthday story book.

You put the name of the person who the book is being personalized for along with their birthday, sex (elf for a boy and a fairy for a girl) and even details like hair colour, eye colour and skin colour so the character in the book fully resembles them.

There is even a little section where you can add a person message to the recipient of the book, I chose a little birthday message as it was for her birthday after all lol.

Once you are happy with all the choices you have made for the story in the book you just register your details (where you want it sent and how you are going to pay for it etc) then precede in ordering your book.

At time of this review the personalised Ben and Holly story book was priced at £14.99 and this compares exactly the same as some of the other personalised story books that I checked out online. 

 I feel that although this price tag is a bit expensive for a book, at the end of the day this book can be read over and over again and as your child, grand child or whomever this book is for grows up then they can enjoy their very own special story over and over again at any story time day or night. 

 My daughter is beginning to recognize her own name fully now so when I read her name out time and time again her little face beamed with excitement every time. 

 As she gets older now doubt she will point herself out before I even get to read her name out which is why this book is so brilliant to read to them. 

 I was sent this book free of charge and all views and opinions of this book and totally 100% mine.

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  1. They are great aren't they? I have The Boy who lost his name for Farmer Nick, it has been a huge hit here on the farm. Penwizard have a great range of books for kids.

  2. Indeed they are the kids loved the story tbh.

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