My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Thursday, 24 July 2014

K Is For ..... Klass, Myleene Klass

I'm linking this post up with the lovely Charley Dove and her fabulous Alphabet Project.

Just over a year ago along with my daughter, youngest son and wife I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Myleene Klass at a mummy bloggers meet and greet.

Whist at the event the mum's were able to have a short question and answer session with Myleene, this is where my wife was cheeky and asked Myleene if she would blow soon bubbles in remembrance of Matilda-Mae.
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Well that's my K Is For ....
Stay tuned for my L Is For ....


  1. She always strikes me as such a normal, down to earth woman. My husband will be very jealous you got to meet her - he has a bit of a 'thing' for her!

    1. Oh she was such a normal mummy round everyday mummies so to say they chatted about food clothes kids and all sorts like they'd known each other for year unfortunately I was only there to take pics and look after kids lol

  2. She seems really grounded, lovely lady x

  3. Oh she was indeed had time for everyone and answered everyone's questions honestly no pre scripted rubish etc it was really fun tbh

  4. Oh how wonderful Craig, must have been great to meet her. She always comes across as being so lovely. Thank you for sharing with #alphabetphoto