My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Family Fun Day

Yesterday (Saturday) was just planned as a nothing more than a family fun day, and that it was too.

It started off like any other Saturday, with my eldest lad going off to dance, (he has a big show coming up so he's got to get all the practice in he can).

When he and his mum returned we had family breakfast together and had some family chill time 
(with no TV on lol).

By this time it was around midday so we decided to go up to our local park and have a look round the summer fun day which the council put on every year.

As the weather was nice we took a steady walk up to the park which was nice as all we seem to do is ride around everywhere in the car, plus its great walking practise for L-A who wants to walk and run everywhere.

We were about quarter of the way round the park when we bumped into grandad, this was nice for the kids as they love being with grandad and nice for us as it gave us a small break away from the kids wanting to do or go on everything at the same time.

At the park the kids got to meet and stroke ferrets, 


they played fun hook-a-duck and did some painting, 


they got to sit on a speedway motor bike 

and grandad even took then on hook-a-duck where they won some funky prizes.

After our time at the park we had garden time fun, well when I say fun I mowed the back and front lawns whilst the wife and kids stood and watched me. Once I had finished that it was time for garden fun lol, I got the BBQ heated up and put the food on to slow cook.

Whilst I was cooking the food and the kids were playing my wife and her father attempted to pitch up our new tent I had purchased from the chastity shop the day before. (The tent was a on the spot purchase as it was only £3 and what a fab £3 it seems to be).

I say attempt to pitch the tent up, to be fair it was a bit like a Laurel and Hardy sketch at first, one pulling it one way and the other pulling, but eventually between them they pitched the tent and a good job they did in the end too.

Well by the time they'd finished pitching the tent food was cooked and we all sat back and enjoyed the BBQ (the 1st time i've ever cook one) and a nice can of cider or two lol.

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