My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Afternoon out with the family

The last two weekends I have been lucky enough be able to take the kids out once I had returned home from work.

Last weekend the wife and I took the kids over to the canals behind our house to the Netherton boat show.

The boys enjoyed looking round the stalls at all the wonderful things the different stalls had to sell. They got to see various items from the different barges and also models of the barges too.

They enjoyed looking at all boats and barges and talking to all the barge folk.

Although the whether was a little on the rubbish side we still had a good time.

This Saturday we took the kids to Netherton fun day. The fun day is all about people coming together to remember Netherton's history, to celebrate the past while enjoying the present day.

There were many stalls to look round and purchase items reflecting Netherton's history, JR had a go on the tombola and won a few prizes and people were even walking about wearing costumes from different eras, there was even a good old town crier telling you what was going on.


All this was going on and what did my boys want to do? My boys wanted to go on the fair like all the other children around them, because they had been very good whilst we looked round the stalls we  took them on the fair.

The boys went on the tea cups, the merry go round and the pirate ship a few times by themselves and they also went on the teacups with their mum and sister.

We finished our afternoon in Netherton off by visiting the Dudley Zoo animal stand where the kids got to meet and stroke various animals. 


Whilst we were admiring the animals we were slightly distracted by two gentleman dressed in Victorian clothing walking around in a mini hot air balloon and basket.

It quickly became apparent that these gentlemen were street artists who put on a comedy magic act, which to be honest was a little basic but still enjoyable and that was a nice way to end our afternoon out.

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