My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday, 16 September 2013

Liebster Award 2013

I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award by  @Meandmymunchie, from her blog The Liebster Award basically gives new bloggers a chance to stand up and spread the word about their blog to the vast community. So, thank you for the opportunity Life With Munchers.

I’ve been given 11 questions to answer and in turn I have to select 11 new bloggers (under 200 followers) to answer 11 questions from me.
Questions I was asked:-
1 – What is your blog about?
My blog is about my life as a working father of three gorgeous children JR who is 5, TP who is 3 and L-A who was one last week. I blog about our days out and anything we do when I'm not at work I also do the odd review here and there.

2 – Where do you like to do your blogging?
I blog anywhere, in my house in my garden at work or even in place I'm blogging about lol.

3 – What is your favourite City you have visited and why?
I would have to say London, I don't like the hassle and bussle of the city but I love that there's so much to do, I took my boys in May and we had a fabulous time visiting all the different sights around London.

4 – What would be your ultimate blogging achievement?
errrm I don't know, I really just blog for fun but if I could be on a recognized list for new bloggers that would be fabulous.

5 – What are you passionate about in life?
Well that's easy West Bromwich Albion lol. No really it's my kids I'm passionate about them achieving all then can in life and not missing out on any great opportunities life offers to them.

6 – Coffee or tea?
ohhh coffee at start of day and tea throughout the day.

7 – Favourite meal?
my wife's spaghetti Bolognese

8 – Desert island disc?
compilation of songs from the West End

9 – If you could be a celebrity, who would you be?
Jimmy Carr or Peter Kaye just so I could make people laugh and have the comedian mind set to come up with comical gags.

10 – Favourite product of all time?
my HD tv

11 – What’s your biggest fear?
looking back on my life and seeing regrets and not having the time to do anything about them.

So, if you're still hanging on in there with me, it’s time for me to select some new bloggers.  Being fairly new to this makes 11 tough to come up with, so I’m sticking with a small number like my predecessor.  The bloggers I am selecting are:-
To answer the following questions:-
1. Why did you start blogging? 

2. What's your blog about? 

3. What do you hope to achieve from blogging?

4. Who's your favourite super hero and why? 

5. Where's your favourite place you've visited? 

6. Tea or coffee? 

7. What's your favourite take away food? 

8. Who would you most like to meet and why? (They can be dead or alive) 

9. Who's your favourite Disney character and why? 

10. If you could visit anywhere in world, where would you visit and which one person would take with you? 

11. What's your biggest fear?

Good luck!