My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday, 9 September 2013

#What's the Story - My famous friend

Yesterday (Sunday 8th September) we took the kids on a long car journey up to York Maze, where Little Fun Fest 2013 was being held.

We took them to the last on which was in Altrincham at Red House Farm, the kids really enjoyed it so we decided to take them to the event again this time round.

Whilst there the kids got to watch Mr Bloom and Mister Maker doing their show in the big tent and meet them at a meet and get session. 

The bit they were really looking forward to was hopefully meeting up with that Welsh bloke of CBeebies you know the one Alex Winters (I think), yeah that's him Alex Winters lol.

We got the chance to not only see Alex in his show but also had the opportunity to meet up with him at a meet and greet session.

My boys meet him then ran off to play but my daughter on the other hand, he just couldn't give her back, new best friends forever lol.