My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Saturday 29 June 2013

The Sleeping Sticker Chart

Today we thought (well my wife to be precise, and I followed suit) would try a new tact for the boy's bed time routine. 

We thought we would introduce the boys to a sleep time sticker reward system, hoping this would end the good old battle of wills at bedtime. 

We told the boys good night time routines would lead to reward stickers followed by certificates, which would eventually lead to treats. 

At first the boys were so excited, my eldest knew what rewards stickers were and what treats they could look forward to. But my youngest on the other hand just wanted to get excited everytime he heard the word sticker, blissfully unaware exactly what we really wanted him to do to achieve his stickers. 

Well their tea was eaten, pj's put on and off to bed they went, let the battle begin was my usual thought, but tonight I held an open mind.

All I can say is let's see what tomorrow and the following days bring and just how long it will take them to earn their first sticker let alone their first certificate then reward.

That Eventful Journey

As many of you out there are aware the London Underground is a great way of getting from place to place quickly, well that is unless you are by yourself with two kids in a pushchair.

While my darling wife was at Britmums live this year I thought it would be a lovely idea to take my two lads on a boys weekend sight seeing round London,well to be fair we did a lot of sight seeing weather they wanted to or not, perks of being the parent I guess lol.



Well we had walked from London bridge (were my eldest boy had given us a lovely rendition of London bridge is falling down) to Buckingham palace where my big boy was expecting to wave
and say hi to the queen,
    sadly no show I am afraid to say, which slightly disappointed him.

On walking back through the park I said to the boys we would catch the tube and head back over to where mummy was to meet up with her later to head on home, so we walked to Piccadilly Circus to catch the tube to barbican.

What an eventful journey this turned out to be, I soon found out just how hard it was to get from the ease of the streets of London to the tube station platform with a buggy up and down all those flights of stairs, not an easy task I may point out. 
At this point I must say a big thank you to all of those kind people that had the decency to stop and assist me carrying the buggy up and down all those flights of stairs.

Once on the tube I encountered an occasion I hadn't witnessed before and hopefully I will never witness again to be honest. ( when I told my relative what I am about to tell you, all her reply was "did you photograph it?").

Well this is where my story could of got very gruesome indeed, like all the other commuters I boarded the tube with my buggy and waited for the tube to start moving to take us on our way. I was standing just inside the carriage as they wasn't a lot of room as it was early evening an the tube was fairly full. 

I felt someone squeeze on behind at the very last minute, I didn't think any more of it to be honest.
Then there was a little commotion behind as I turned round to see what was occurring I felt the tube begin to slightly move. 

I turned round to see what I now know to be a male commuter with his head, (yes i said his head, not his arm or leg but his head) trapped in the closed door and a female commuter trying to help him free his trapped head from the said closed door. 

All I could do, which now I feel really bad about was turn round and try not to laugh too loud at this poor man's potentially horrific injury. 

Yes to end on a good note at the next station the man along with a fully attached head departed the tube and continued his journey as did I. 

The Dad Network

Thursday 27 June 2013

That Knock Out Blow

Many of you with children or those without (you may have to cast your mind back to when you were young, no a little further back then that.) Do you remember the old phrase "stop that before someone gets hurt" well that came back to haunt me the other day.

The story starts with me clearing the floor of all the toys the boys had dispersed everywhere, then I thought it would be a great idea to play scary monster with my boys. This was my mess about time, my let my hair down and not worry about the big real world time.

So I chased the boys round the living room as a scary monster, and once I had caught them I tickled them into submission. After a few chases around the living room and tickles I was slightly worn out so I flopped to the floor and covered my head, the boys on realising this decided to come and jump on me because they were far from out of energy. This lead to the scary monster being awoken once again, so the chasing and fun began all over again.

After a few laps round the living room floor I was starting to get worn out, this gave the boys more freedom to escape from the monsters grasp, the more I chased the more then ran me in circles. I got to the point where I play collapsed into a heap on the floor, where at this point my eldest son came slowly over to me to see if I was ok and still able to play. 

Before I was able to answer him my youngest son who had obviously got bored of daddy lying on the floor decided to run at daddy and when daddy didn't respond to his shout of "daddy play more" decided it would be fun to smack me over the head with his die cast chuggington old puffer Peter.

Down in a heap I went, all I could hear was my little boy shouting "sorry daddy sorry". That's the story of my knock out blow, hope you all enjoyed reading about my misfortune lol.