My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday 28 September 2014

T Is For ........ Trying

I am linking this post up with the lovely Charly Dove and her wonderful Alphabet Project.

The other day after we dropped the boys off at school my wife suggested we should go for a coffee, so off we went to our local Costa branch.

My wife though it would be nice to buy my daughter a drink too so she brought her a babychino, this is L-A excitedly about to try her first ever Costa drink.

Well that's my T Is For ........

Stay tuned for my U Is For ........

Tuesday 23 September 2014

S Is For ....... Storm Damage

I am linking this post up with the lovely Charley Dove 
and her wonderful Alphabet Project.

My S Is For ...... Storm Damage

When we were on holiday to Coombe Mill last february we went to Fistral Beach, Newquay.

Whilst the kids were playing on the beach and paddling in the sea I was able
to pan round the beach and take some scenery pictures, I happened to notice what damage the storms had done to the beach and the surrounding areas, as you can see it was pretty terrible the devastation caused by the storms only a few weeks before our holiday.

Well that's my S Is For .........
Stay tuned for my T Is For............

Monday 15 September 2014

R Is For .... Riding {horse riding}

I am linking this post up with the lovely Charley Dove 
and her wonderful Alphabet Project.

My R Is For ...... Riding (horse riding)

My parents live in Benidorm, Spain and when we get the chance we go over on holiday to see them.

Last time we visited we took the boys to an adventure park called Terra Natura where JR had his very first horse riding experience, not being bias but he was pretty good lol.

Well that's my R Is For ......

Stay tuned for My S Is For.........

Vita Coco Kids Club

Are your kids like mine? 

Do they like being part of a club? 

Well there's a new club in town they'd love to sign up to and it goes by the name of 

"What's Vita Coco Kids Club?" I hear you ask, well the healthy drinks range Vita Coco Kids have recently launched their own kids club, a fab club for kids to have fun yet learn and drink healthy at the same time.

Currently with every purchase of special edition multipacks of Vita Coco Kids drinks you will receive two trumps cards containing facts and figures about animals that can be found in the rain forest.

Once your little ones have their cards (with your help) they can log into the website found on the back of their cards, register their details and sign up to become a Vita Kids Club member, 


Also as part of the registration process they will be sent their very own height chart.

This height chart isn't just a plain old height chart, no it is split into the different levels of the rain forest, within each section there are various facts about the various animals which can be found there.

 Also your little ones trumps cards have their very own space on the height chart too, so when complete your little ones will have a fully filled height chart containing many facts about many different animals that can be found within the rainforest.

Plus on the bottom of each card you'll see a unique code, this code can be inserted into the code box and will give your little ones a free throw on coconut shy, yes your little ones get to play a game of coconut shy, the more coconuts they knock down the larger the range of prizes they can choose from as a prize for playing.

So not only is Vita Coco Kids Drinks a fantastic healthy drinks range {see post about Vita Coco Kids drinks here} they now have a fantastic kids club for your little ones to become part of  and by doing so they will be educated about the rain forest and they will be collecting fabulous prizes before they know it.

I was sent a create of Vita Coco Kids drinks, a height chart and a packet of trumps cards for this review/promotional piece free of charge.

Sunday 7 September 2014

Q Is For ...... Quest (Arthur's Quest)

I am linking this post up with the lovely Charley Dove 
and her wonderful Alphabet Project.

My Q Is For ...... Quest (Arthur's Quest)

Whilst on our holiday to Coombe Mill earlier this year we had a day out at Lands End, whilst there we did the Arthur's Quest attraction.

The kids had a mixed response to it they were excited and scared at the same time whilst we walked round the attraction.

At the very end of the Quest you get to pull the sword out of the stone and become a true knight.

Well that's My Q Is For........

Stay tuned for My R Is For........

Friday 5 September 2014

Thomas Land Day Out

On Wednesday my wife was invited to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Park for a Thomas the Tank Engine film event. 

As it was JRs 1st day back at school we dropped him off then made our way to Thomas Land.

The kids still unaware of where we were going, so when TP awoke and saw the Thomas sign he was excited to say the least.

The rides at Drayton Manor don't start till 10.30 so we took the kids round Thomas Land and got a few pics of them with various characters.


Then we went for a quick coffee in the Cartoon Network Cafe.

As the actual event didn't start till 11, Tammy took herself on the Ben 10 ride whilst she had the chance and TP had his picture took with this cool car.

Well we made our way to the cinema where we were greated by a very cheery lady who welcomed us and pointed out where we had to go.

Once inside the kids were so excited, they were offered popcorn and drinks and were allowed to play with loads of different Thomas toys with the other children whilst we chatted with other bloggers including the lovely Jamie (oliversmadhouse) and Emma (brummymummyof2).

We then went into the cinema to watch the Thomas film, I managed to watch less than half the film as L-A got bored and it wasn't fair on others trying to keep her quiet so I took her out of the cinema.

This how ever meant I got time alone with her so we went on a few rides then we went into the zoo whilst we waited for mummy and TP.

When the event was over the kids were given a lovely goodie bag full of fab Thomas gifts, which they wanted to play with instantly of course lol.

Well as we had to get back to pick JR up from school we had about two hours spare so we squeezed in as many rides as possible.

Thankfully Thomas Land wasn't that busy so we were on and off the rides quite quickly to be fair.

All in all the half day we spent at Drayton Manor was enjoyed by all.

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