My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Thursday 7 April 2016

Our First Trip Away Together (part one)

During the half term holiday I took my girlfriend to London for a few days for our late Valentines Day celebrations.

We got to London at around 5pm on Wednesday night and made our way from Euston Station to our hotel which wasn't too far away to be honest.

On route we stopped off at King's Cross Station to take my Harry Potter fan of a girlfriend to see the famous Platform 9 3/4, as expected the area it is situated in within the station was really busy with fan wanting their photo taken pretending to go through the famous Platform wall and the souvenir shop was really busy too.

Well once we had finished there we made our way round to our hotel in the lovely welcoming London rain and rush hour traffic. 

We finally arrived at our hotel after taking the wrong turning (yes I turned right instead of left and almost took us back to the station lol) we got to the hotel and checked in, well i say checked in, it took almost half an hour to check in as the receptionist could find my booking thanks to my double barrelled surname lol.

We finally settled into our room for a bit before getting ourselves changed and heading out for a bite to eat and a much deserved drink.

We wondered round the streets looking for somewhere to eat, no where really took our fancy to be honest so we popped into a little proper pub I'll call it, not one of these new fancy wine bar thingies, a proper pub for a drink to get out of the bloody rain.

After a nice drink and a lovely conversation talking about many things in our separate pasts we headed back to our hotel, as Hayley was still hungry at this point we ordered some late night supper (which took over an hour to turn up as they'd forgotten to process her order) then we went to bed as we'd got a busy day planned for the next day.

To read part two of our trip to London click here, do enjoy. 

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