My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday 31 January 2014

Drawing Fun

Today I wasn't in work till late, so whilst @me_andthe_tiny3 was sorting through her Avon I took some time out to chill with the children.

Although the kids like pottering about doing their own little things, I was able to convince them to sit still (for a few minutes mind due) to do so colouring on cardboard.


They did their own little doodles for a bit then I decided to be creative and draw our hands and colour them in.

It brought me a few minutes of fun although kids just sat there and wondered what I was doing or how mad I had gone lol.

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Wednesday 22 January 2014

In Memory of an Angel

As some of you might of already read, (if you haven't yet pop over to my raffle post and bring yourself up to date) you will already be aware of my fund raising event for the Lullaby Trust in memory of a little angel whom goes by the name of Matilda-Mae.

Well this is a follow up post just to bring you guys up to date with where we are at.

With some very much needed support to say the least from Worcester Racecourse, Worcester Cricket Club, Worcester Rugby Club and my manager we were able to put on a very nice Christmas raffle.

This is the point where I thank all my customer who generously put their hands in their pockets and helped us raise £250.

This amount was processed through our charitable trust scheme who very generously doubled the figure to £500.

So hopefully this money can be used to help families like Jennies come to terms with their terrible loss and help them move forward in time.

My last note,

Oh little Matilda-Mae,
Why were you taken away,
You had your whole life to live
And so much happiness to give.

When the stars shine at night,
You'll be the one shinning bright,
Leading us through our darkest days
With your shining light guiding us  along our ways.

Oh Matilda-Mae
You may not be here today
But you'll never be forgotten
You'll always be in our hearts and in our minds in your own special little way.

Sweet dreams oh little Matilda-Mae.

Monday 20 January 2014

Extended weekend activities

As I had an extended weekend off (so to speak) I tried to throw in a few activities to do with the kids. 

 Whilst sorting through the left over Christmas chocolate I found a 'make your own chocolate Christmas tree' set. I thought this would be a great treat to do for the kids, little did I know until it came to decorating it how much fun it would be for all of us to be honest.

 I melted the chocolate and set it in the fridge and constructed the tree in secret then called the boy through to help decorate the tree. 

 This in itself was hilarious, with help from JR we iced the tree and sprinkled decoration pieces over the tree. Well I say we decorated the tree what I meant was I tried decorating the tree amidst boys arms swooping in and retrieving sprinkle bits whilst they were falling all over the counter, it was quite funny though to be honest.



On Sunday we went to our local shopping centre. Whilst there we took our regular trip to the Disney store. It's a cruel thing to do really as the kids always want everything they see yet they normally never get anything. 

 On this visit, whilst we looked round, a Disney crew member asked the boys if they wanted to join in with the fun activities which were going in store. The boys enjoyed sticking stickers on their pieces of paper and making Olaf from the film Frozen. 



 On Monday, whilst JR was at school, we took the two little ones to Zig Zags, our local soft play area. It was fairly quiet as 'big' kids were still at school. Both kids were able to play freely without being knocked over by bigger kids, it was a fun way to finish my days off off lol.




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