My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Andrex Washlets Challenge

I was recently given the opportunity to take part in the Andrex Washlets Challenge against Pippa from Red Rose Mummy , at first I thought yeah why not sounds like it will be fun, but then when I read we'd got to do a video link up on Google+ hangout I suddenly changed my mindset lol as I don't usually like being in photos let alone videos but I thought why not give it a crack.

This challenge involved us have sixty seconds to describe words to the other person without using words off the 'forbidden' list, sounds easy I hear you say well not that easy to be honest, take a look at our attempt and see how easy it wasn't lol although it was very much fun.

There is a serious note to all this fun though, 2000 British adults were recently surveyed by Andrex Washlets to analyse their conversation and found that nearly half of Brits (47%) shy away from having conversations about difficult subjects – more of us shy away from talking about bathroom habits than mental health and sex!

In my opinion I'm not sure if men are better communicators then women and vice versa, women tend to talk a lot about stuff where as men get to the point a lot quicker. As our challenge showed Pippa and I both got the same score so maybe were equally good communicators.

At home both my wife and I are of few words lol but we do strongly like to get our point(s) made if we think were right lol.

Code Name : Day Out @ Eden Project

We recently decided to take the children to the Eden Project.

We hadn't been before so it was a completely new experience for all of us and we all thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our visit.

It cost us £20 each to visit but we each got a year free enterence pass in that price so its a bargain to be honest (obviously if you can use the pass it pays for itself)

Whilst we were there they had a Freaky Nature event on for half term.

This was really good for the kids cause they got to learn about how seeds are distributed around in many different ways so plants are grown in all kinds of places.

They got to demonstrate this through different activities like popping a balloon full of multi coloured paper which represented seeds being scattered about.

They got to see all kinds of various insets through magnifying glasses and microscopes which was really interesting.


Once we had let the boys participate in these activities we took them to the Rainforest Biome and the Mediterranean Biome.

The rainforest biome was fantastic, as soon as you walked through the door you were hit with humidity of the place.

Once we had finished visiting the biomes we had a nice walk back through the gardens where the both got to pretend they had ploughed the land ready to sow their seeds.

Also we came across this rather big chappychappy WEE Man, he is a piece of art work made out all electrical stuff that a single household throws away throughout their lifetime, I thought he was quiet cool to be honest.

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Monday 24 February 2014

Review : Willow Cottage, Coombe Mill, Cornwall

Having spent our first ever holiday at Coombe Mill I would like to take this opportunity to review the accommodation we stayed in.

We were booked in to the Willow Cottage, I must admit I hadn't viewed this on the web site before hand I had left all the holiday booking side to my wife so apart from knowing we were going to Coombe Mill I had no idea what the holiday farm was like or what our accommodation was going to be like.

All I had seen preholiday was the odd pictures of the farm and families enjoying their holidays at Coombe Mill on instagram and twitter, so I wasn't really swayed one way or the other of how good or possibly bad Coombe Mill was or wasn't.

Well as much as I want to go on about how fabulous our holiday was I will take this time to review Willow Cottage.

This accommodation is fantastic in every sense.

The cottage sleeps six, it has one master bedroom and two other bedrooms with two single beds in each. One of the bedrooms is situated downstairs just off the living room and has patio doors that lead out to the back garden.


It has two bathrooms, one up stairs and one down stairs. The upstairs one has a bath fitted with a power shower and the down stairs one has a power shower but as a little surprise it has a jacuzzi bath.

The children loved the cottage because it has a lovely little play room for them to use situated upstairs just outside the master bedroom.

The cottage has a open plan living room which joins onto a really nice sized open plan kitchen which is fitted with a fridge freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer and a dish washer which all come in handy at some point.


The living room has three sofas, one three seater and two two seaters. The living room also has a lovely wood burning fire situated in the corner which give the cottage a warm rustic feel.

The cottage has a lovely play area situated in the grassed area in front of it, which my children loved playing on. Also it has the mini train tracks outside it which is fantastic because you can take the children straight outside and straight on the train.

All in all the accommodation we stayed in was fabulous, it was worth the money we paid for our holiday and I would stay in it again many many times over.

This is a none paid for review that is totally 100% my own opinion not influenced by anyone else but my experience of Willow Cottage.

We're going on an adventure

Carnglaze Caverns

Whilst on our holiday to Coombe Mill we visited many various places of interest.

One of them being Carnglaze Caverns, which is situated near the village of St Noet, Cornwall.

The kids really enjoyed going here as they got to wear hard hats and go into large caves.

You enter the caverns at ground level where you walk into a large (what was once used as a store room in World War I) part of the mine that they now use for concerts and as a wedding function room.


You then walk down a large flight of stairs into the main part of the mine where you learn about how the caverns were mined and what techniques were used to mine safely( well as safe as they could lol)

You then walk into a side part of the cavern which has as rather deep lake in it, here you can get some lovely pictures.

Once we finished exploring the caverns we took the kids on a woodland walk to search for fairies and pixie's.

Along the waslk the boys discovered this funky little house and wanted to move straight in lol.

Sunday 23 February 2014

Day out at Land's End

We got woken up early on Tuesday as we did every day of our holiday by our children, once we had eaten our breakfast and got dressed my wife and I packed the kids into the car and started our journey.

We had decided we were going to go out and visit Land's End.

Like most of our journeys errrrr I mean all of our journeys this holiday its was full of new villages we'd never driven through before this in itself caused us all sorts of disagreements due to our silly sat nav.

Well we finally got to Land's End and to be honest the weather was ok, it was a wee bit breezy but at least it wasn't raining.

Due to all the recent terrible weather, unfortunately only two of the four attractions they have there were working. Oh well we thought we'll just have to make do with those and enjoy them lol.

One was a 4D ride called 20,000 leagues under the sea and the other was King Arthur's Quest, both were good and the kids enjoyed them, well enjoyed is the wrong word to use on the King Arthur's Quest one the boys screamed all the way round lol.


Once we had been on both these attractions we went to the Land's End 'famous sign' this is the last sign post before you fall off the cliff face lol, you can have your picture taken here and see how far it is to New York and John O Groats.

We then followed the lovely coastal path up to 'the first and last house' its name gives it away it is literally the first and last refreshment house at Land's End. 

The views from here were amazing, you can see for miles and miles, well literally all you can see in one direction is sea lol.


They have a RSPB visitors centre which was worth a little visit down to to read about what sea life you may be able to get a peak of from the cliff tops.

Before the visit was over we let the boys play on the lovely adventure play area which features its own life boat which kids can climb up inside and play on.



On the way back we drove to Falmouth and parked up and had a wonder round, again this was a town we'd never been to before, so it was a nice little stop off before we made our way back to Coombe Mill.