My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Friday 15 December 2017

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Trip

On Tuesday 12th December my youngest son, fiancée and I visited the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Watford.

We'd had this tour booked since the summer and it felt like an eternity before our visit came round.

As I was on my annual vacation I decided to make our visit stretch over a few days so we went down on the Monday and stayed in a local hotel. 

We almost thought we wasn't going to be going on this trip at all as the weekend before we had a terrible down pour of snow and to make matters worse so did Watford and the surrounding area, but thankfully we were still able to go.

As I said due to the terrible downpour of snow we decided to wait till about lunch time before we set off giving the roads and more importantly the motorways time to clear of morning traffic, thankfully this worked although it was slow going with snow and ice and stranded cars along the way we arrived at our hotel safely.

Once we had checked in to our hotel we freshened ourselves up and went out for tea, we had a lovely meal and Frankie and Benny's then called it a night as we were shattered.

The day we'd waited like an eternity for had finally arrived, our time to take our tour of the Warner Bros. Studio.

We parked up with excitement in our eyes as we looked at the building with the huge Warner Bros. Studio sign above the entrance way and thought, finally we're here and we can't wait to take our tour.

Once we'd collected our tickets and made our way through security we queued up with all the others in our time slot allocation period and eagerly awaited our tour to begin.

The first two rooms you go in to are mini cinema rooms where you hear about how the book JK Rowling wrote was brought to life on the big screen then you watch a mini segment involving Ron, Hermione and Harry Potter himself, then by magic (I won't spoil how) your next transported in to the great hall and the tour begins.

After the part in the great hall is over you are free to do the rest of the tour at your own pace and decision making, along the way children and adults alike can follow the Harry Potter Passport and get a collector's stamp in the various areas whilst also hunting and trying to find the hidden golden snitches, something which Hayley won't mind me saying she really enjoyed doing as was gutted she only missed finding one 😔😔.

Around the tour there is many many many photo opportunities for you to take as well as professional photo opportunities for you to have done and you to purchase.

Half way through the tour there is a lunch and toilet break opportunity where you can buy different foods and drinks but most importantly you can purchase the famous butterbeer, which obviously we didn't pass up the opportunity of doing so, we both enjoyed.

We continued through the rest of the tour taking in all the different fact and interesting points and secrets about how the books were brought to life and how much work really goes in to all the film's, right back from words on JK Rowling's pages through to what you see on the big screen.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Studio Tour and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of going.