My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday 30 March 2016

The Beatrix Potter Collection - Review

My children were recently lucky enough to be sent the Beatrix Potter Collection DVD box set to review.

To be honest they love watching Peter Rabbit on Cbeebies so when this DVD arrived in the post they couldn't wait for me to put it on for them to watch.

When I showed them the dvds collection to which they could choose to watch from they each chose a different one, typical children eh one DVD player to watch the dvds on yet they wanted to watch all three at once.

Well we opted to watch the DVD titled

The World Of Peter Rabbit And Friends

The children chose to first watch the episode titled

The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny

This story is about the mischievous adventures of Peter and Benjamin in Mr Mcgregor's garden. 

Although the children were a little confused at first as this was not the Peter Rabbit they watched on Cbeebies they all really enjoyed this episode, as you can see from my picture below JR was glued to the episode as were my other two to be honest.

The DVD the children chose to watch first consists of three stories
The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny

The Tales of Flopsy Bunnies and Mrs Tittlemouse

The Tales of Tom Kitten and Jemima Puddle-Duck

and the DVD runs for approximately 77 minutes.

At the time of this review this DVD collection was retailing online for between £6 and £10. 

I think that this is a really good price for three DVDs and nine episodes of these wonderfully animated stories.

All opinions and views on this review are completely mine.

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Worry Eater - Flint Product Review

Hello everyone my name is Flint and I'm a eater of your worries and nightmares.

All you have to do is simply write down whatever is worrying you or causing you to have nightmares, feed them into my zip mouth and let me eat them up and hopefully help you to overcome your worries and/or nightmares.

My friends TP and JR did exactly that a few nights back after they were struggling with a few worries they each had.

After talking them through with their Daddy they each wrote them down on their individual pieces of paper and popped them into my mouth for me to eat, yummy yum yum 😋.

Whilst my little friends were soundly sleeping I ate up their worries and by doing so I hoped that would help them overcome their worries and what was causing them to feel sad in the process and thankfully after a good night's sleep and passing their worries on to me they woke the next day feeling much better and happier knowing their worries had been shared with me so they didn't have to keep their worries to themselves any longer.

They each now know that if they have any worries or anything is upsetting them from now on not only can they share them with Mummy or Daddy but I'm always here to eat up those worries or concerns they have and help them overcome them.

Flint belongs to a friendly group of characters brought to you by the creative mind of Gerd Hahn.

At the time of writing this review Flint was currently retailing between £15 and £20.

Do I personally think this product is worth the price tag?

Yes, without a doubt I do.

I personally think that seeing my two boys sit with me at bedtime and tell me what was worrying them and then have them knowing that their new worry eater friend will be their to help them overcome any future worries and possible nightmares is worth every penny.

I also think that encouraging them at a young age to know it's ok to share their worries is a good thing and if introducing something like the worry eaters into their lives to help them do so works then I think Flint is a winner all round.

This product was sent for review purpose and all the details within this review are mine and mine alone.