My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Sunday 20 September 2015

If I Could....

I've been tagged by the lovely Laura at My Life As A Mummy to take part in the 

"If I Could" tag

So here it goes...

If I Could Live Anywhere

If I could live anywhere I think I'd like to live somewhere without modern technology or mobile phone networks and get away from all the modern work and live amongst nature for a while.

If I Could Have Any Home

Although I'd love to do what Derek did in Greys Anatomy and build my own wooden house on a hill side somewhere at this moment in time I'd love a call my home one of those huge American motor homes and travel around the States.

If I Could Have Any Garden

I'd love to have a massive garden containing my very own maze which would eventually lead you to a beaut summer house with its very own swimming pool. I'd also like to have a big play area for the children (well children of all ages) with its main focal point being a large pirate ship climbing frame with rope swings and slides galore.

If I Could Go On Holiday Right Now

I would whisk my children off to Disney World, Florida as every time a advert comes on the television for it they shout "Daddy can we go there?" and I always answer one day maybe so today would be that day lol.

If I Could Have Any Job

I already have the best job ever being Daddy to my wonderful children but that aside I'd like to work for NASA, how cool would it be that work on projects where your exploring things in space, exploring life on other planets etc.

If I Could Live One Day Again

Errrm a tricky one but I think without a shadow of a doubt I'd relive my first child's birth, a strange one you may think, although obviously it was an amazing feeling to hold my first newborn in my arms I'd change the fact it took 19 hours for him to be delivered resulting in his mum ending up being pulled from pillar to post on a theatre table because some student mid wife didn't realise things weren't going right in labor, so to not put her through all that pain and to let her hold her newborn baby like she should of done instead of having to wait for hours afterwards yes I'd change that day.

If I Could Have Any Superpower

I think I'd like the power/ability to understand women as that's a superpower you need daily lol only kidding I'd like to be able to heal things so when my kids get hurt I can heal them quickly.

I now tag the following people to take part...

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Friday 18 September 2015

A Open Letter To My Children

Daddy writes this letter to you with deep regret in my heart, why may you ask? 
Simply because Mummy and Daddy are no longer together and it must be so confusing for all three of you especially when you occasionally ask why don't we all live together? and why don't you love Mummy no more Daddy?

When I married your Mummy I was the happiest and luckiest man in the world because I was marrying the the most beautiful fiancee anyone could ask for, this day was only ever topped off by the birth of each of you three wonderful, beautiful children.

Unfortunately as is in life all good things seem to come to a end at some point and Daddy being married to Mummy is another to add to that list.

I won't lie to you kids, Mummy and Daddy hadn't been good for a while before Mummy decided to call time on our marriage. Due to various reasons we didn't see eye to eye on things here and there and instead of sitting down and talking to each other about our problems we let them fester and build up to the point where enough was enough and your Mummy decided the time was right to leave.

Maybe Daddy wasn't a good enough husband, friend, best friend, lover, soul mate etc but I know I'm going to be the best ever Daddy you'll ever have.

Over time various reasons might come out about me and your Mum separating, some truer than others but I want all three of you to know that I truly love you. In fact I've loved you deeply from the moment you were born.... No in fact I've loved you right from the moment your Mummy told me she was pregnant with each of you.

I will never stop loving and caring for you guys wherever you may be. Yes you might be little pains at times and no doubt you'll grow up to bigger pains in time but my love for you will never ever die, in fact it will grow stronger as each day passes by. No matter who entered or leaves my life you three will always be my number one well my number one's lol.

Love Daddy.

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Thursday 17 September 2015

Daddy & Daughter Day Out

Today I decided that as the boys were at school all day I would take my daughter out for the day, so I picked her up before the school run and took her to Drayton Manor Park.

We arrived at the park before the rides were open so we took a steady walk round the zoo and went and said good morning to whatever animals and birds had come out to say hi, well that's what L-A was doing every time she walked past any of the enclosures lol.

Once we had finished our wonder round the zoo and by now the rides were all open we made our way round to Thomas Land to begin our day of theme park rides.

I won't go in to boring details of what we went on and when but I'll just say we went on many many rides, on the train twice, once pulled by Percy and the next time pulled by Thomas himself, we went on the tranquil boat ride round the lake and also watched Yogi Bear in 4D which was really good to be honest.

L-A was a little scared on some of the rides yet moaned when it was time to get off of them cause she was enjoying them but the biggest thing I was most proud of today was the fact she went on the Buffalo roller-coaster and really enjoyed it because she said she was "like mummy" because her mummy loves roller-coasters.

Well that was our day out at Drayton Manor Park which we both really enjoyed.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Sunday 6 September 2015

OKIDO - Magazine Review and TV Programme Trailer

This issue of OKIDO is all about having friends and making new friends.

(Here is Messy Monster and his friends Zoe and Felix.)

This issue to be honest has come in handy just at the right time as my boys are both going back to school where they will be going back to both old and new friends alike.

Back to the magazine before I get side tracked lol, this magazine as I said is about having and making friends. The first section if the magazine is about the lead character Messy Monster and his friends Felix and Zoe making friends with Grumpyko.

This is a good little story that my boys enjoyed because it taught them that even if people don't initially want to be your friend don't be nasty in return as like Grumpyko they may still need your help and then through that become your friends.

Also in this issue there is many other stories telling the children about how to make friends and cool activities they can do with their friends like secret handshakes and how to make picnic food that they can share with their friends.

Okido magazine, created in 2007, is an illustrated bi-monthly arts and science magazine printed on FSC paper using vegetable inks and contains no adverts. Okido magazine costs £4, retails through over 50 independent shops, galleries and museum stores, has over 2K subscribers and is distributed via Intermedia. Each issue of Okido contains scientific questions and theories, which are answered in the most creative and artistic manner, for children to explore at home with their families and with regular leads into the national curriculum. 

Starting on Monday at 4.20 on Cbeebies Messy Monster is brought to life in his very on show.

Messy goes to Okido is an animated TV series, directed by Bafta winner Liz Whitaker (Bob the Builder, Pingu and Timmy Time). Messy Monster is brought to life by lead voice talent Adam Buxton (The Adam & Joe Show, Bugged, Son of Rambow, Hot Fuzz). Each episode of Messy goes to Okido is based on themes drawn from the OKIDO magazines; gravity, snow, floating, rain, hunger, germs, magnets, atoms and colour. The show is aimed at pre-school children and is a mix of CGI and 2D animation combined with live action. The series is produced by Doodle Productions in London.

Here's a trailer for your little ones to enjoy.