My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Project : Fun with kids

I thought to myself today, "what shall we do fun today" I am a little bit fed up of sitting in front of the TV now to be honest.

I thought whilst my wife was tucked up nice and warm in bed, I would make Halloween shaped chocolate treats with the boys.

I think my pictures tell you the story of the fun we had so I won't let words spoil it so here we go do enjoy.

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Monday 28 October 2013

Birthday Party Day

Today was birthday party day. The ususal stresses that attach themselves to a birthday party were all there, they had been for weeks.

Ohh one thing I forgot to mention, this party wasn't a family party or a friends birthday party it was in fact a works birthday party. 

I can see the cogs in your mind turning, asking why a works birthday party? Well the answer is really simple, my shop is one year old and my gaffers above wanted us to celebrate, so guess what we did.

My shop manager along with the rest of us had been organising this party for months, the events leading up to it and the big day itself, we wanted to make this day as special and as fun as possible.

We all decided that we we're going to decorate the shop and dress ourselves up in a Vegas theme style birthday party.

My manager organised for her friend to make us a birthday cake, which I must say was rather fab.

We brought many different birthday banners and various decorations to decorate the shop in.

We put on a good array of hot and cold food and we even had alcohol ( obviously none alcoholic of cause ).


Our fancy dress costumes were totally fab, the female members of staff dressed as flapper girls, the other guys dressed as night club singers ( something like Frank Sinatra I think lol ) although one looked more like Michael Buble lol.


I decided to go down a different route, I decided I would go with the gangster look, not sure if I pulled it off or not what do you think?

Well that was our party, all done and dusted, booth staff and customers had fun and the day was a success so all turned out well in the end.

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Friday 25 October 2013

Project Code Name:Birthday Cake

I wanted to push myself one step further for my son's birthday than I did for my daughter's a few weeks ago.

I read a blog post not long back about baking different cakes, their post was mainly about a piñata cake which to be honest with you I really took to the idea of.

I baked a simple but lovely cake for daughters birthday but I thought to myself why not take up the challenge of a piñata cake, so I did and here's how it went.

My eldest lad was at school and my youngest lad, who's birthday it was, kept going on about 'his birthday cake' how could I not bake him one now.

I will admit to you all before we go any further, I did use packet cake mix, I ain't good enough yet to use proper ingredients lol.
I knew in my mind how the final outcome was meant to look but getting there was going to be the challenge.

I knew I needed a top whole layer of cake and also a bottom whole layer of cake. I knew i needed butter icing inbetween the layers and the outside of the cake needed butter icing too.

The middle of the cake was the tricky bit. The space where all the lovely sweets would sit, just waiting to be set free.

I baked the top and bottom of the cake and added orange essence to the mix to give it a extra bit of taste.

The middle of the cake I added melted chocolate and again orange essence to the mixture for something extra.

I cut a circle shape out of the middle layer, layered the middle on to the bottom of the cake put the sweets in the hole added the top layer and the cake came together.

To finish offI i made red butter icing and pasted it on and around the cake then finished it off by adding decorations.
Project : Birthday Cake was a success.

I was even a little creative with some left over mix, I made cupcakes yeah me lol.

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Friday 18 October 2013

Christmas is a time for giving

Every year for about five years now at Christmas time I have helped organise and run a Christmas raffle where all the proceeds have gone to a various charity.

This year will be no different. I have already started emailing different companies asking them to kindly donate a prize towards our raffle.

I say this year will be no different to any other year I will do my bit for charity, but it will, for this year I will putting all my effort (and some more) into raising as much money as I can for the Lullaby Trust.

Why the Lullaby Trust? I was asked while I was promoting our event, well I said, the reason why I personally chose the Lullaby Trust is very very simple. A very good friend of ours Jennie Henley lost her little treasured angel MatildaMae to infant cot death.

Jennie and some very special family and friends are doing all they physically can to promote the Lullaby Trust and the everlasting memory of  MatildaMae.

My wife and I asked Myleen Klass if she would be so kind as to blow bubbles to the sky in a tribute to MatildaMae when we we're lucky enough to meet her in Merry Hill Centre this summer.


Although that was a fitting little tribute to an angel in the sky, I did't think that was enough for me, I wanted to show my support in another way. So I decided that whatever we raise from our Christmas raffle would be donated to the Lullaby Trust in memory of little MatildaMae.

I have tried to reach out far and wide for prizes for the raffle. So far our local Kingswinford Co-Op store have kindly donated some nice bottles of wine and so very generously Worcester Cricket Club have donated two match day ticket to a game of the recipients choice but my biggest coup so far is from Worcester Rugby Club who have so very kindly donated four, yes four match day tickets to a game of the winners choosing.

I really hope that between now and the beginning of December our prize list will continue to grow and that we can raise alot of money for such a worthy cause and in memory of Jennies little angel MatildaMae.

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Monday 14 October 2013

Starting School

Today my little boy grew up he will always forever be my little man, but today was the start of proper school.

Although he had been at this school for a whole school year and a half he has now stated in reception school.

My little man took his first step of many along the bumpy long road of education, it will be know doubt filled with many many ups (hopefully) and not so many downs (again hopefully), but for now he can just go to school happy in the knowledge that his little friends will be there waiting to play joyfully each and everyday.

Today was a little different, for today all the new little reception kids looked list in their massive playground.


Yet not a tear did I see from parent or child alike. Maybe the parents were being strong for their little ones but behind closed doors the river's of tears did flow and many the kids have changed over the years got stronger got less emotional, just think "hey ho it's just another day at school".

I sit hear listening, listening to my daughter (who is 1 next week) and my youngest boy playing, my lad pulling at my wife's heart strings by  saying every now and then "I miss J.R mummy".
I think how soon the time will come round for their turn to go off to start their own educational journey, I just hope and prey they all take a firm grasp of life and live it to the full, enjoy thoroughly and don't waste a single day of it.

Sunday 13 October 2013


Random I know, but thanks to a good family friend who goes by the name Eliza, when this song "what does the fox say" was first introduced to our house I thought omg what a mad song, but as the week went on I played it when the kids were sad or upset and it brought a smile out of them and it even brought a funky dance from my youngest lad.


Scalextric Fun

I had today (Saturday) off which is a rarity in itself. So I thought I was going to be able to kick back and chill. That idea of mine didn't last long at all, my OH had bin up most of the night with our unsettled daughter, so being the nice husband I am I let her lie in and I got up with the kids.

To be fair it was ok, the kids got up had their breakfast and all was well. We tidied away the breakfast stuff so there was space to play. 

The boys played nicely with their toys whilst L-A played her playpen. I sat back watched the kids play in anticipation of fighting, yes I'm afraid to say I sat back waiting for my boys to start fighting. But to give them their due they didn't, they played very nicely so my relaxation in my chair was much appreciated.

You must remember that I got up with the children at about 6.30, so the lie in I gave my wife, well ... shall we say was acceptable I thought, I didn't get her up till bout 11.30.

My wife got up inquiring where her morning cup of tea was, as she does after every lie in, so guess what my response was .... "The kitchens that way" lol, no before your in uproar, I got up and made her one.

She informed me that our local church was holding a scalextric afternoon. This sounded fab to me so I thought it would be great to take the kids up to.

We opened the doors, walked into the church hall and I was amazed by the layout that awaited us.


The boys were in shock they hadn't seen a scalextric layout like this before, in fact I don't think they've seen a scalextric layout before at all.


At 50p for practice laps and 10 race laps, it was good value for money and JR and the rest of us had loads of fun either watching or playing scalextric.

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