My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Wednesday 29 October 2014

#Wicked Wednesdays

We brought Halloween biscuits and this was the outcome lol.


Fun Activities At The Eden Project

Yesterday we went to the Eden Project, it's such a wonderful place with so much to learn, do and see.

As it was half term holiday they had many free activities put on for children to participate in. The theme of all the fun being based around the Room On The Broom story by Julia Donaldson.

Well the fun begun with a treasure like hunt, the kids were given a treasure map, well it was more a stamp collection map to be honest, where they had to follow the map round the ground to collect the stamps.

Once this was completed we went to the Room On The Broom tent where the boys watched some of the animated version of the story book and attempted to make some character hats, but as it was very busy we took the hat making stuff home to do in our time.

Our next port of call in this adventure was the witches and wizards tent, where there was lots of activities for the children to take part in, including wand making, listening to stories, watching pumpkins being carved and making magic potion.

It was fun watching the pumpkin the lady carving them was very talented and had some wonderful pumpkins on display.

Well next the children sat and made a magic wand, the man leading the activity told the children what they needed to do and they listened carefully and successfully made a magic wand.

After this they queued up to make some magic potion. They picked up their little jars and walked along the line collecting various ingredients for their potion like dragons tears, mermaid tears and unicorn tears. 


Well they collected all the ingredients they wanted and made it to the end of the line where the final ingredients was troll Fart which they collected up and put the lid on their jars and their potion was complete.

After this we continued looking round the Eden Project and had a fab remainder of the day there.

Mini Creations

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Y is For.... Yummy

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Y Is For ...... Yummy

Yesterday (28/10) we went to the Eden Project, it is a wonderful place if you have never been I recommend a visit.

Whilst on our visit the children used their regular sentence whenever we're out somewhere of "we're starving daddy" I knew they weren't starving but they insisted they were.

So we stopped for a bite to eat, we noticed in the ice rink they sold chips so we brought a few trays of them to share round. When we got our chips, to our amazement they were sweet potato fries and they were YUMMY.

Well that's my Y Is For ........

Stay tuned for my Z Is For ........

The final installment in this fabulous A-Z journey. 

Tuesday 28 October 2014

X Is For ....... Xperia

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X Is For ...... Xperia

 I simply couldn't think of anything else to choose so I chose my Sony Xperia for this post I've only recently upgraded to this phone as my old one was on its last legs so they say so still getting used to it tbh, this post may seem boring possibly and for that I apologise but I've done all the others and didn't want to miss a week to be fair lol. 

Well that's my X Is For ........

Stay tuned for my Y Is For ........

Friday 24 October 2014

Lego Racing Car Fun

This afternoon we had fun making TP's lego racing car he had for his birthday.

It was really fun I enjoyed it as much as him in fact possibly more lol as lego making was definitely without a shadow of a doubt my favourite childhood pastime.

We were successful today in making a :-
lego Racing Car 

As you can see L-A wanted to look for make up from the Avon instead lol oh well.

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Monday 20 October 2014

W Is For ..... Wrestling

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W Is For ...... Wrestling

I've been a fan of wrestling since I was a kid, yes very very sad some might say but I enjoy watching it.

 I remember when I used to go to my granddad's house at the weekend and watch WCW on the free channels on sky and I also remember when my neighbour used to tape the main events of WWF or WWE as its known now onto video cassette for me (showing my age a little there lol).

I've been to watch live recordings of the weekly wrestling shows (RAW and SMACKDOWN) at the LG Arena in Birmingham and whilst at Universal Studios Florida I went to watch TNA Impact Wrestling being recording and got hooked on that, in fact I still watch it regularly on Sunday nights.

Well that's my W Is For ........

Stay tuned for my X Is For ........

Thursday 16 October 2014

Win Tickets To Hatton Adventure Farm : Pumpkin Week

During half term holiday Hatton Adventure Farm will be holding its Pumpkin Week.

"A FREE pumpkin for every child with daily carving competitions in our brilliant (but slightly spooky!) themed marquee. Plus Hatton’s Pumpkin Hunt with a prize badge and Hatton’s Halloween Pumpkin House.  Plus full day’s programme of Farmyard Fun."

"Creep around our haunted house and take a Terror Tractor ride, if you dare!!! Oh - and don't forget to dress up."

This promises to be a fun filled day out for the whole family.

One lucky reader can win Four tickets to Pumpkin Week at Hatton Adventure Farm by taking part in the Rafflecopter below. 


If your children are like mine they want all the new toys they see in any shop they go in, on a recent trip to a large toy shop my eldest lad saw the ROBOFish on display and of course wanted them all. So when I was approached to review the ROBOFish PIRATE I naturally jumped at the chance.

When my boys and daughter realised what had been sent they couldn't wait for me to open the packaging up and get the fish in the water.


My son ran off upstairs and returned a few minutes later with a clear see through box and said "daddy put the fish in here" so I did I filled it with water and let him release the fish into the makeshift tank.

All three of them stood there in amazement watching the PIRATE fish swim forwards, left, right, up and down in its new tank just like a real fish.

ZURU have already got an award winning line of ROBOFish on the market which became the fastest selling toy of 2013 and this summer they added the PIRATE range to their collection.

The ROBOFish PIRATE is the perfect no-hassle pet, you simply drop them in the water and watch them come to life.

The ROBOFish PIRATES (rrp £9.99) come in 6 different designs to collect, you can also buy the ROBOFish PIRATES Playset (rrp £19.99) which comes complete with ROBOFish, accessory and fish tank.

You can purchase the ROBOFish PIRATE and PIRATE Playset from Argos, Asda, Smyths and ToysRus.


I think this product is worth the rrp £9.99 as compared to similar items to these it is worth its money and these will bring many hours of joy to your children.
I was sent this item free of charge for review purpose only and all the opinions are mine.

We're going on an adventure

Family Day Out

On Saturday 11 October we took the kids a to the Lowry in Manchester for the Cbeebies fun day and recording of Peter Pan this year's Christmas Panto.


My wife along with a few others we know had applied for panto tickets online earlier in the year but we were all unsuccessful in the ballot draw. I last heard that the lowery had 3,000 seats and over 100,000 applicants applied for tickets.

Although we were unsuccessful in the pursuit of tickets we decided we'd still go up to the lowry as they were putting on a cbeebies fun day with various activities being run for children of all ages to participate in and what's more they had two large screens where the panto was being beamed live on to, so with or without tickets the kids were going to watch the panto.

We got to the lowry bout 10.10 and Alex Winters and Dr Ranj were already on the stage entertaining the boys and girls gathering in front of the main stage, as we made our way to the stage area my OH bumped into her friend Katie they had a quick catch up chat whilst the kids watched Alex and Dr Ranj do the banana song.

After the boys watch this and also joined in with the singing and dancing we then walked round the activity tents where the boys made pirate hats and took part in some science activities,

we also saw the Cbeebies pirate ship

and we wandered over to media city where the boys had their picture took with the TARDIS.

After this and a further bit of wandering round the activity tents the OH took the boys to see the first recording of the panto, whilst they did this is took a walk over to Old Trafford. She had been lucky enough to get some tickets through being on the reserve list and thankfully her patients paid off and she got some tickets eventually.

Later that evening St Helens were playing Wigan in the Super League Grand Final and as my brother is a St Helens fan wanted me to get him a programme.

I had a wander round Old Trafford to see what a rugby match day was like and to be honest not much different to a football one lol with fans meeting up to cheer their respective teams on and merchandise sellers all over the place selling flags and whistles etc.

I brought my brother his match day programme and pushed L-A round to soak up the atmosphere, we walked through the Munich tunnel and I saw this sign and had to ask my brother and his friend Amanda who are both avid St Helens fans which direction I should go in ( I'm too polite to repeat his response lol.

When we came out of the tunnel we stopped to watch some army personnel roll up the two teams flags ready to parade to the fans before the game.


Once we had watched this we made our way back to the Lowry as the panto was due to finish soon, we got back to the Lowry and the panto hadn't quite finished so I pushed L-A round the market and waited for the panto to finish.

Before we left we brought the kids a Subway for a late lunch then made our way home.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Sunday 12 October 2014

V Is For .... Vacations

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V Is For ...... Vacations

Over the years my wife and I have been lucky enough to have been able to go on some amazing vacations both home and abroad.

We've been to Spain and Crete and few times,

 Florida twice 

and Euro Disney too 

and we've holidayed in Hastings and Cornwall also.

This half term holiday we're going back to Coombe Mill as we had such a wonderful time there in February.

Well that's my V Is For ........

Stay tuned for my W Is For ........