My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday 31 January 2016

Wall Murals

Have you ever sat back in your living room, lay back on your bed or leant back in your office chair and thought 

"aren't these walls pretty boring, they could really do with a new lease of life brought to them".

Well if you ever have and or are thinking about redecorating your walls you've probably by now already thought about what new wall paper you want to put up or what new colour to paint your walls, but have you ever thought outside that decorating box and thought about wall murals?

Some of you no doubt have but the rest of you are now thinking no i hadn't upto now but its something else worth thinking about doing.

Wall murals can be used on any wall in any room in your house or your office, they come in different sizes and many many different designs.

They range from colourfully painted houses 

to friendly fun animal characters for children's bedrooms or playrooms,

From a picturesque beach scenes 

to tranquil moon scenes for your bedroom

 through to maps of the world to bring life to your office meeting room.

One company that offers a vast array of designs for wall murals (images, posters and wall stickers too) for every room in your house or your place of work is myloview.

Myloview are a team of professionals, who love interiors...

"The idea of our brand is based on the pursuit of beauty, which could occur in the near human space - at home, at school and at work.

Myloview a vibrant positive energy team of experienced professionals in their activities primarily guided by passion. We follow, looking, peep global trends in design, but also create our own original designs. 

With us, your interior will be truly unique.

We are a young company that is growing at a very fast pace. The international prestige of the brand myloview is constantly growing, so you should trust us."

I recently too thought outside the traditional decorating box and added a new lease of life to my bedroom wall with a myloview wall mural, they have so many designs to choose from but eventually I went with a tranquil moon and mountain scene.

This product was very easy to mount to the wall, you just simply peel the backing of the image and stick it to your wall. I will say it does take two people to complete the job, one to remove the backing as the other person correctly sticks the image into place.

As you can clearly see the product is of fine quality and once mounted to the wall makes the wall of my bedroom look awesome.