My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Sunday 15 December 2013

Rockface Shave Butter : Review

I was recently contacted by Jane at msquaredcommunications to see if I would be interested in reviewing Shave Butter from Rockface.

At first I wasn't too sure what to expect as I am so used to using shaving foam when I shave so this was going to be a interesting new experience.

When the product arrived I was a little surprised, it was more like having a moisturising cream then a shaving product.
The time for a shave was due, I flicked the lid of the tube and to my surprise where I was so used to spaying foam out of a can I squeezed buttery cream out of a tube.

The shave itself was a different experience, where I was used to spreading foam around my face now I was rubbing a buttery cream in to my face wondering what this shave was going to be like.

This product is major breakthrough in shaving, following two years of development, Rockface has developed the world’s first Shave Butter.

Containing two of the most nourishing butters in the world, illipe and shea butter, together with coconut and aloe juice, new Rockface Shave Butter takes shaving to a new level.

This product is priced up at RRP £4.99, yes at first I thought this was a bit expensive, due to the fact I normally buy supermarket brand shaving foam, but after using this product the price matches its quality not only do you have a shaving product but you also have a moisturising product too.

This review is completely of my views and opinions.

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