My Crazy Kids

My Crazy Kids

Monday 14 April 2014

Breakfast Date with Peppa Pig

I know what you're all thinking after reading the title of this post "that's a bit unfair to eat bacon butties in front of Peppa" 

Well you were all wrong so there lol

To clarify, my wife had been kindly invited to attend a meet and greet breakfast event with Peppa Pig.

Just in case any of you were wondering it was pastries and tea/coffee all the way there was no bacon or sausage in sight lol.

As I was saying my wife had be kindly invited to this event, so I booked the day off so I could tag along to help out if needed.

When we got up this morning the children were in their crazy sub breakfast mood just like any other day to be honest but today I refused to do them breakfast as I knew where we were going, this in its self caused lots of moaning, questions and a bit of crying to be honest.

That mood so changed when we got to the breakfast meet and greet.

 The boys couldn't believe their little eyes, a table full of different pastries for us all to try.

Not only were the boys excited by that but they were given a goody bag and they were offered the chance to have their face painted. I say 'face painted' TP had a George Pig tattoo on his leg and JR had a Peppa Pig tattoo on his forearm.


Once all the children had met and had their picture taken with Peppa, they were given a piece of birthday cake each to put in their goody bag as it was time to leave.

Once we were home the children opened their goody bags, they had a magazine, some stickers, a Easter egg, a chocolate lollipop and a set of Peppa Pig musical instruments which they ran off into the garden playing.


All in all the morning was very much fun for us all, the children meet Peppa and got free toys, magazine and chocolate and we got a nice well deserved breakfast for taking them out.


  1. My wee man loves pastries for breakfast...especially if they got chocolate or cream inside!

  2. Sounds like a great morning for the kids, and you! #WhatstheStory

  3. My son wouldve like this event he loves Peppa Pig! Thanks for sharing your experience =) #whatthestory

  4. Oh wow this sounds like the best event ever! POD loves Peppa Pig too. What a treat for breakfast too, they must have been beside themselves with excitement. Lovely post, thank you for sharing #whatsthestory

  5. My younger girls would of loved this :) #whatsthestory

  6. What n amazing event, perfect for your lovely children, I bet they loved every minute with Peppa Pig

  7. Cameron would have loved this! Probably Matt too Haha!!! I'm glad they had fun. Question though, why didn't you have your photo taken with Peppa?